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The teachers are very caring. It is a small school so everyone knows each other and it is easy to get involved.
A small friendly environment where everyone acts as a family and works together to create a better community for students to go to college.
Mercy High School has helped me find my passion. My teachers and peers encouraged me to follow my dreams and that anything is possible. I wouldn’t be who I am without this school.
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Mercy may not be the best school for sports because of how small it is. But it is because it is small is why it feels like you're more than a school, you're a family. The teachers here are decent. Most of them know what they're doing, but some, not so much. I am glad I went to Mercy because it has made me into the person I am today. It is very easy to get really involved in the school. FFA, student council, and clubs are open to anyone. It is a very nice school if you want a small, family like learning environment
Mercy High School is not only an academically challenging school, but a place others and myself consider home. A place where you are accepted no matter who you are and make lifelong friends and family. I encourage anyone and everyone to attend Mercy High if they want to have the best high school experience possible.
good student teacher relationships. there are very few extracurricular and clubs unfortunately. not a big school so might be difficult to transition into bigger colleges/schools.
I like mercy high school a lot. They have good teachers, staff and facility. I proud that I going to complete my high at mercy. Thank You for all good experiences and helping me every time. I was international student at mercy but I never feel that it was just my home town. Students at mercy are very helpful and kind towards me. I never had an issue with any of the students at mercy. It’s really good and awesome experience at mercy. Thanks a lot Mercy High School....
As a small, Catholic private high school, we would eventually know everyone in the school. Here is not a place just for getting education, but also a huge family for us to have fun and gain wonderful experiences.
We have a fairly small school with many opportunities. We have multiple clubs and sports that anyone can join, grades permitting.
This school has been wonderful because it's such a great community. Everyone is friendly and looks out for each other. I'm glad I went to this high school.
I've enjoyed learning from the teachers at my school. They work hard to prepare me for college and beyond.
Limited on the number of clubs and groups. The sports program has a lot of participation.
Everyone at Mercy has been very supportive of my needs. They have pushed me to become a student who wants to go to college and beyond.
Bullying is pretty much nonexistent. The school is in kind of a sketchy area, but there haven't been any major incidents.
Unfortunately, the advantages of being a small school (people are mostly nice to each other, teachers know students well, everyone gets a chance to play whatever sport they want) are outweighed by the disadvantages. The school is pitifully small, hovering at around 100 students. Clubs exist, but never have meetings and never do anything. The decision to use iPads instead of regular textbooks was a terrible one, as it is really easy to be off task and playing games. Religion classes are mandatory (I understand that it is a Catholic school and that is to be expected, but the classes are incredibly boring and repetitive especially if you came from a Catholic elementary school). If I had the chance to go back in time and go to a different school, I probably would.
The teachers here are either really good or absolutely terrible.
The teachers and general eviorment are very lenient.
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I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my high school education.
I have never met teachers that are more caring and kind than the ones at Mercy.
It's an old building but for most intents and purposes it gets the job done.
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