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At Mercy it feels like home rather than school alone. I’ve made lifelong friends there and the teachers never cease to help you achieve your goals. Mercy has many fun traditions that help the whole school bond. I made one of the best choices of my life by choosing to attend Mercy High School.
I love the atmosphere mercy offers! The all girls environment is a great place for learning without distractions and it helps you build amazing friendships! The teachers are awesome and always willing to help you. Mercy also offers great volunteer experiences which was one of my favorite things I did in high school. Finally, mercy is a home for a lot of diversity and girls who come from different backgrounds. That’s what makes mercy so great
The environment as you walk into this school is so welcoming, you will want to stay forever. This is a challenging school and will push your boundaries. However, all of their toughness will prepare you well for the rest of your life.
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It is an all girls school but its a small community and we all get along and are like a small family
Mercy High School has been great! I can not imagine spending my high school years anywhere else. In Mercy, you develop into Women of mercy.
Mercy is a community of women that constantly build each other up. It is an institution that teaches its students the importance of self worth, confidence, intelligence, and integrity. I am proud to be a Mercy alumna and can truthfully say that my transition from high school to an out of state university was made easier because of the communication skills I strengthened and because of the rigorous academics I became accustomed to. Sending your daughter to Mercy High School will allow her to be a part of something beyond a classroom, I can confidently say that I will carry Mercy with me for the rest of my life.
Mercy High School was one of the biggest factors in my life. It completely shaped me into the person I am right now. At Mercy I feel extremely comfortable. Walking in as a freshman, I was shy and unsure of myself. Now as a senior, I have found who I am. I am confident in myself and my abilities. The teachers are absolutely amazing. They take the time to get to know you on a personal level and they truly care not only about your education, but also about you as a person. I feel as though Mercy has really prepared me to plunge head first into college. The class work is challenging, but we also know how to have fun!
I like how Mercy involves everyone in everything they do. I also like how the teachers are always there to help you be the best you can be. Everyone at Mercy is very nice and welcoming and I believe it is a great school to send your kids.
Mercy is a great school with teachers and staff who care about your well-being, inside and outside the classroom. They have rigorous courses that prepare you for college level work.
The minute I stepped in Mercy High as a young freshman I knew I felt welcomed. Everyone here has open arms and huge hearts, but this isn't your typical highschool. I spent countless nights stressing over hours of school work, but that is because my school really does enforce college readiness. There are a few clicks here and there, but you will eventually find your real friends, and they will always be there to support you throughout the entirety of your highschool career. The teachers at this school are too, some of your closest friends. They are not typical "highschool teachers". I say this because they really want you to succeed and they love hearing about your day, and they always have countless stories to tell, in and outside of the classroom. Mercy is a place that I began to love and it will be so hard to let go of during these last few months.
Wonderful place. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, from the moment I shadowed as an eighth grader. As a senior, I remember learning how to write an essay as the hardest thing on the planet, but Mercy has taught me how to write them in my sleep. Before Mercy, time management was hard, and I didn't do much. But today, I've been involved with theater, sports, and other extracurriculars, all while maintaining good grades in an advanced learning environment. Mercy truly prepares girls for college, and for life, and I'm going to miss this place when I leave.
Mercy is a very friendly, cheerful school. Everyone is including and nonjudgmental. The positive, welcoming atmosphere is obvious and draws most girls right away. I would like some dress code rules to become less strict, but otherwise excellent school!
Mercy High School taught me life lessons that I never expected to learn in high school, but most importantly it allowed me to find myself. Mercy has given me the self confidence in and out of the classroom. My freshman year, Mercy was not my top choice of schools, but by the end of my senior year there was no where I would rather be. I never expected to feel so safe and comfortable at a school, where I quickly learned I could be whoever I wanted to be. Mercy was like a family, and I loved every minute there. Looking back on my four years at Mercy, I know I was lucky enough to get a great education, lifelong friends, and a sense of self that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.
Mercy High School builds confident young women who are genuine, kind, and faith-filled. The academics and activities are great, but perhaps Mercy's strongest facet is the culture of care surrounding its students. The amount of college preparation available for its students is one thing that I would change if given the chance; there is not enough guidance in scholarships, financial aid, applications, choosing a college, etc. Otherwise, I have had only the best experience attending Mercy High School for the past four years.
Wonderful teachers that truly care about the girls. Every extracurricular activity is fully supported and encouraged by all staff.
When it comes to private schools in Omaha, Nebraska, this is the best option. When it comes to being a school, it's not that outstanding. There's severe lack of communication between the staff and parents and students and there is little college preparatory material available and the classes are not very thorough.
It was an amazing school! This college prep school helped prepare me for college. It's also helped me stay on track with nursing school. I also met many amazing teachers that have stuck with me until this day! If you want a strong academic school, for sure go here!
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You can be involved in many different clubs and most coaches and teachers are understanding.
I love the diversity and ability to be involved in whatever you want.
Most of the teachers really care about us an dare looking out for our futures. Technology is very touch at the school and the systems are not consistently used throughout the school. We have too many systems for any of them to be effective. Most teachers are kind and approachable ad willing to help us whenever they can.
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