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Mercy felt like a home to me, it felt like a safe place. I met a lot of life long friends there and I got a good education on top of that.
Mercy High School is very welcoming. It isn't your typical high school where the seniors bully the freshman, every grade wants to support the others. The academics are challenging and rigorous, but its all worth it when college decisions come around!
I love Mercy High School. It is a great high school for those who want a little extra academic level. The teachers are very nice and compassionate and they are always there for you if you need help. The school has a nice sense of community and makes you feel like you are at home.
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Mercy High School is a welcoming, nurturing, and challenging environment. The academics are top notch and start preparing you for college coursework in the first semester of freshman year. Everyone at Mercy is committed to making you feel included, guided, and ready for whatever your future brings.
Mercy is a special place with caring and nurturing faculty, staff and administrators. Just walk in the doors of the school and you will feel at home and welcomed.
Both of my daughters attended Mercy High School. My oldest recently graduated from college. She was very well prepared and my youngest is having a very good experience.
Superb Academics with Timeless Traditions! Mercy High School is a perfectly balanced all girls high school where students achieve at their highest potential!
I don’t think there would be the number of alumnae on staff if they didn’t believe in the school and all it has to offer!
I went to Mercy not knowing one person there. I was welcomed by everyone, and had made wonderful friends that I am still very close with, 40 years later! I would not be where I am today, professionally and personally if it wasn’t for Mercy! It was the best experience of my life!
I transferred to Mercy High School in Sophomore year and am now a rising senior. Coming from another private school, I can definitely say Mercy is a step up. The population and donations allow it to have more clubs, classes, and sports. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment and we have a lot of fun traditions. However it is not a super academically rigorous/intensive school. You can take many APs if you want but I would not say it is a gateway to an Ivy League type school.
My oldest will graduate next week and my younger daughter is finishing her first year. Best investment ever. Quality, challenging classes, caring staff, tons of activities. That post by that bitter, miserable senior is so inaccurate, it makes me sad. Everyone can find a group to belong to. I volunteer often and see all types of kids involved in activities. Free tutoring available... it’s just great ❤️
I liked the amount of school togetherness. They encourage everyone to support one another. Also the high amounts of schools spirit and tradition are a plus. The only thing they should improve on is their diversity. They need to not only educate their teacher but educate their students on minorities role in history. The lack of involvement in such holidays as black history month are unbelievable.
The atmosphere is generally kind and welcoming. The academic strictness could been improved more, especially in math and science subjects. All the teachers are very nice and willing to help. The school culture is excellent.
If you're not a cookie cutter rich white girl, this school isn't for you. If the school catches a whiff that you're gay, you are discriminated against. There was a school wide protest with over 5,000 signatures from the school and community for allowing girls to take girls to prom. The school simply refused to respond or take action. They advertise all of these clubs they supposedly have, but in reality only about 3 are actually active. The school does not listen to bullying or stalking problems or take them seriously. There are a few teachers that care, but the rest are honestly not that great. The rules are ridiculously strict about things that don't even matter.. I've gotten a detention because my knee socks fell down while I was walking. There is no great social scene and the school is overall just very boring and monotonous. Don't do here if you're looking to go to parties and have fun. All of the rules honestly led to a depressing, boring, stale atmosphere. No diversity either.
Mercy High school is a great, Catholic, all-girls college preparatory high school. I loved that there are so many traditions, like Walk-a-thon and Cake Auction. You get a real sense of community there. Some things I would change about the school would be less strict on the little things--like exactly how our uniforms should fit us, and where we can sit after school. But besides this, Mercy is a great place to go to become a more confident, independent young women in today's society.
I never thought that I would attend Mercy High School when I was in middle school. However, halfway through my 8th grade summer vacation Mercy allowed me to take an entrance exam and the rest is history. While not a traditional high school, I have enjoyed my four years at Mercy. As I get ready to graduate, I know I am fully capable and prepared to enter college on the right foot.
I have had some really good teachers and Zi have had some really bad teachers. Administration has favorites and students do not get the same consequences for the same things. Too many rules.
I like the all-girls culture at Mercy. Overall, I have had a good experience, but it really is what you make of it. If you put in effort, doors will open.
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Excellent experience for my daughter. She lives it and has met a lot of wonderful friends. Teachers are excellent and so is the staff.
I decided to send my child schoolto Mercy and am very happy I have. They focuses on college preparation. My daughter has excelled.
2 Nieces attended Mercy and had a great experience. We are very proud of the college prep and academic structure. Happy to rate the school for the survey.
Aunt of 2012 and 2008 students.