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The Link Crew system allows for all freshmen and transfer students to feel welcomed and prepared to enter Mercy High School. Most of the teachers really care about the students and help the student succeed, not just pass the class. The academia is rigorous but prepares students for college.
The teachers and other staff are all very nice. The academics are pretty good, and it is a very nice building.
It was an awesome experience. I appreciate what the school has done for me to improve my confidence, and prepared me for college.
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I met some of the most supportive teachers here! The Performing Arts department is excellent, as it taught me how to dance in my four years there! The Counseling department needs a lot of work. It only works on college, and they barely know students one-on-one. A lot of students struggling mentally at the school (including me)-and the counseling department needs to be more personalized for that! Otherwise amazing School (and amazing food) but counseling department should direct more energy on the wellbeing of students overall. Thank you Mercy!
Overall our lady of mercy is a very nice school with a few problems that I believe they are working on. It is a family and you get to know most of not all of the girls in you graduating class very well
My experience at Mercy was wonderful. From sports to clubs to academics, Mercy excelled at everything. The teachers are very caring and willing to help and it definitely prepared me for college.
This place helped me grow into the confident woman that I am today. I learned to find more about me through my faith and embrace who I was at school. I was never afraid to come in and be myself and worry about others. The girls at Mercy are loving, diverse, and overall nonjudgmental. Teachers and staff actually want you to succeed and I have had a lot of college prep from these classes that the transition from high school to college was not difficult.
Mercy High School is an amazing high school that educates women and prepares them for their college career. The teachers there genuinely care about the girls and are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. This school helps shape girls into young women and prepare them for the real world. Their academics are very strong and challenge the girls everyday in order for them to meet their full potential.
The academics are great! Definitely helps students feel prepared for college/university. The teachers can be difficult at times, but you just need to keep communication with them. Overall, the teachers and administrators seem to look out for the students’ best interest. This school is incredibly high tech, and every student is required to have an iPad. It is useful and efficient for taking notes, doing tests, etc. The workload is definitely grueling and you will end up pulling many all-nighters. One other complaint would be about some of the students there. It is a private school, and many of the rich girls can be very snotty and cliques are big.
Mercy High School is a community of girls striving for excellence in the building and their communities. Administration, teachers, and role models at Mercy work tirelessly to provide an education that exceeds what is expected through emphasis on character, service, and faith. Mercy, though challenging, has taught me more than I bargained for. Graduating a Mercy Girl is the highest honor of my life.
The school honestly became me family. I love Mercy and while I wish students and administration could have a clearer line of communication I would not want to be anywhere else. Mercy has given me so many friends and opportunities. I am who I am because of this school.
Good sense of community. Active in service for the community. Nice facilities and fun events take place at the school.
Mercy High School is a wonderful place in terms of the student body and the traditions. I came here for the sports as well, and had one of the best experiences in my life as a member of a state championship winning team. The girls (the school is girls only) are some of the most supportive and caring people, and I’ve met my closest friends here. The traditions at Mercy, like the Auction, Spirit Week and Tea for Tuition make me a proud Mercy girl who enjoys coming to school. Once a Mercy girl, always a Mercy girl!
As an all girl’s school, Mercy is full of confident and intelligent women who learn to be true leaders coming out into society after graduation. One way Mercy prepares their students for college is through the technology, where every student has an Apple iPad. Also, with the block schedule, students are able to meet with teachers in their offices during the day, and students learn to manage their time wisely throughout the day. Classes are full of presentations and group projects, so students learn to speak in front of a class confidently and also work with others and have the chance to lead their group.
I was apprehensive to attend an all-girl, catholic high school, but I really enjoyed my time there. Some of the code for dressing was a little ridiculous, but I was amazed with the opportunity for growth.
Mercy High School does an excellent job educating and nurturing female leaders. Their teachers are passionate subject experts that foster independence and a sense of community.
Mercy has prepared me for college very well. Great food, excellent staff, and focused environment and students.
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I was a public school kid K-8. Around the end of my 8th grade year I decided I should try to get into Mercy High School. I believed it would be a better place for me to spend my four years in high school. I am unbelievably happy I chose to make that decision because going to Mercy is probably the best decision I have made. Mercy is an amazing school with a diverse group of students coming from all over metro-detroit, my class had girls from the Bahamas! The teachers are so amazing and are really there to make sure you understand material. The schools cafeteria food is delicious I miss it everyday. But the thing I miss the most, is going to school everyday and being welcomed by so many girls of all different races and cultures.Girls travel to go to this college preparatory school because it is a great school, with phenomenal teachers, and an amazing atmosphere. If I could go back to high school over, I would 100% choose to go to mercy again and be back with all my sisters.
Mercy is a community. Students and staff alike are accepting and understanding. I have been told by many Mercy grads that the friendships they made at this school are life-lasting. There are so many ways to get involved, and everyone has an interest they can pursue. The only thing I would change about this school is Mercy's funding. Mercy relies mostly on tuition and donations from alumni, and I would like to see it gain more. There are so many possibilities of what Mercy could do if it had the expenses covered.
I had a very positive experience. In a unique all-girl school setting, the culture surrounding Mercy cannot be found anywhere else. While delivering a first class education, Mercy helped me gain many skills that reach far beyond the classroom. I had some amazing teachers that made you excited and passionate about learning, but had others that made me want to drop out and flip burgers for a living. The building itself looks like a prison and is very outdated, but the experience itself makes up for the very below average building and facilities. The administrative team has a lot of work cut out for them to make the building inside and out live up to its potential. Overall, I would recommend Mercy to any young lady eager to better themselves as a student, a person and a friend.
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