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Mercy was an amazing school for college preparation. Unfortunately, I only had a few teachers that I enjoyed learning from. They definitely push AP classes, and my college counselor was very helpful when it was time to make a decision. This school is fairly diverse, and almost everyone will find a friend group that they would fit in to. Overall, it was a great experience and I would have made the same decision if I could do high school over again.
Run by an army of hypocrites. Power hungry women who do not handle things well when their authority is questioned. 0/10 would not recommend. If you are a parent, don't sentence your daughter to this torture.
I'm a current student at Mercy and it is much different then when my sister attended. Rules have changed such as a stricter uniform policy. You must wear your polo, or else you receive an infraction. If I'm not taking off my sweatshirt, what's the point of me wearing a polo? No one is going to see it, so there's no reason for the extra bulk. Teachers that have been recently hired are a mess. Mercy also focuses too much on their image and how they look to the public. They're too focused on being perfect and flawless, rather than being an actual school. The Dean of Student Life is harsh on the students and gives useless punishments. Hoodies and other Mercy outerwear cost too much. They are thinner than a sheet of paper. And since we will receive an infraction if caught wearing "non-Mercy" outerwear, we must sit in air-thin sweatshirts in freezing classrooms. Mercy has changed for the worse. They have become more like a prison rather than a school. Save your money and go somewhere else
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Mercy is a small school with small classes. For the most part, teachers care about the kids. It’s a close-knit school on a beautiful sunny campus. The sports teams do pretty well for their size. Not much time for extra-curricular activities and clubs. I’m happy my daughter went here. She and her friends are happy and do well in school.
The counselors are really good because they do their jobs and he’ll support you no matter the problem. The only problem I have is the admistration is cracking down in rules unfairly and is causing my expierence to lessen in its value. The teachers are very good at getting the concept across. I wish we had more resources with the school.
Mercy has helped me become the young woman I am today. With an intimate and nurturing environment, I was given the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and have my voice heard. I will never be able to put a price tag on what my high school has done for me, and all the other girls who pass through its halls.
Teachers are very dedicated to the success of students. If you are struggling and seek help they are more than happy to help you. They are also working on improving their athletics, which is appreciated. However a few people on the administrative staff are rude to students and parents, and overall unhelpful, so hopefully that will change.
Mercy is very about the empowerment of young women. They work to a student's strengths and help them in any way possible for success.
The teachers at Mercy are top-notch. Every teacher that I have had has been very accommodating in making sure I get what I need to succeed. Moreover, the campus is beautiful, the religious and service components create a sense of social awareness , and the student community is supportive and tight-knit.
My time at Mercy High School was definitely a continuous loop of ups and downs. Some things I liked about Mercy was that they offered many different advanced placement and honors courses. I'm glad I got to take quite a few of these challenging courses. Some things I didn't like about Mercy was the bathrooms because they were often incredibly dirty. Ever year my school was able to buy new, fancy technology, but they couldn't afford to fix up the bathrooms, which I thought was odd. Overall, my time at mercy was amazing, and I'm to have made some lifetime friends and to have had a good education.
Mercy High School does indeed a lot of support from staff and faculty. They have many open slots to provide additional assistance like during study halls, collaborations, lunch, or after school. However, there a few teachers that lack in being open-minded to more than one style of teaching. Activities are a part that makes Mercy different because their rallies are very spirited and dances are held in unbelievable places.
Mercy High School has changed my life completely and shaped me into the woman I am today. It has taught me how to be successful on my own, speak up about my views, and discover what I want to do with my life. The teachers are always welcoming and open to speak and help me with school issues or even problems in my every day life.
This school gave ever student the sense of sisterhood and togetherness. No student felt alone in this school and everyone was accounted for.
The teachers try to keep the lessons engaging and try to help students strive to be the best student that they can be.
I took part in athletics, and it was honestly my favorite part about Mercy. The teams were very close, and it was something I looked forward to throughout the school day. They have a competitive atmosphere but also light and fun.
I think the all girls school experience is something that makes Mercy unique and lets girls feel more comfortable and confident in their surroundings. The academics are good, and it provided great opportunities, but I feel,like I did not receive the typical high school experience.
I feel extremely safe at this school. It is a very safe campus.
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There is a wide array of extra curricular activities including sports and clubs.
The teachers are engaging and knowledgable in their subject areas. They try to make sure the students thoroughly understand the material and are free outside of class to go over it as well.
The school really cares about us as individuals and goes out of their way to take care of us.
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