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Mercy High School, Baltimore Reviews

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My three younger sisters and I all attended Mercy. We received an outstanding education ! I continue to be an active alum and have been helping to plan the reunions of my class since our graduation back in 1970. There is a very active alumni association and some wonderful events sponsored yearly by the alumni association.
I loved my experience at Mercy. The teachers are wonderful, the classes are challenging, and there are great extracurriculars. The school is also an amazing community of girls.
I love the family atmosphere that Mercy provides. We are all sisters there’s and we work together as a community to grow in faith, grow in learning, and help others.
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I loved being at Mercy. The atmosphere was just incredible. They challenged me in the classroom which prepared me for the college lifestyle. I made advances on the athletic fields and now I play college lacrosse. I have made lifelong friendships and I am forever grateful.
Great school and great administration. I have been very impressed with the high caliber of students, teachers and outcomes.
Mercy is a very welcoming school and they are so nice and helpful. You can really see the sisterhood as soon as you go in.
Mercy is what you make out of it,if you are involved in organizations, social life, and school work then it can be the best 4 years of your life.
I enjoyed the atmosphere and the welcoming students and faculty. I would like to see Mercy participate in more social movements and speak up about more topics. They fear that all topics are too political and that is seen as a bad thing when they should be encouraging girls to speak up and express their beliefs and opinions.
I am a Sophomore at Mercy School. I have never attended a school where I learn and also build healthy bonds. Mercy is a school of sisterhood. It's so different from many different schools because they teach you how to complete everyday task, how to respect yourself, how to be more than average, the importance of how great it is to be different and last but not least they teach us the subjects needed to graduate and be successful. All the teachers care for the students as if we were one of their children. Mercy always shows out when it's time to show of out unity and support for one another. Mercy is amazing and diverse and I love it
Mercy High School is not only an educational institution but a community and a family. My experience at Mercy has been an exceptional essence of growth, compassion, leadership, loyalty, and love. The outstanding, compassionate faculty and staff have provided me with the tools necessary to succeed in college and in life. I have been so lucky to try numerous activities, take enriching classes, and discover who I am. I have developed relationships with faculty, staff, and students that will forever leave an impact on me. The relationships and experiences that I have made at Mercy have forever impacted me, leaving me with the fondest of memories and the strength to use those memories as motivation and success in my future. Mercy has helped me grow into the woman that I am today and will be. With my Mercy ring, I am connected with the thousands of Mercy sisters from the past and my Mercy sisters. I am so blessed to have been able to attend Mercy for the past 4 years; it is my forever home.
I am a current senior at Mercy High School. I have seen the improvements and changes throughout my four years hear at Mercy. I wouldn’t want my high school career to be any different. Mercy has helped me find my voice. I am confident that I will go into college ready to tack on the challenge that lays ahead of me. I have had seminar during all of years here preparing me for college. Yes even in freshmen year. There has been multiple college reps here on a daily. During my first year I was getting yelled at for having colleges calling and sending mail to me. The atmosphere here is just wonderful. Mercy has been my number one choice since fifth grad. I would ride down northern parkway and say “that’s my school”. And ever since then Mercy has yet to be a disappointment.
Terrible, from all these reviews, mercy went down hill with staff overall, some girls not all are rude to each other and do not welcome people at all, a very clique based school, would not send my daughter here
I absolutely love Mercy. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, the teachers are amazing and the staff is great. I feel well prepared for college and I've become a very responsible and mature young woman over my 4 years here. So glad I chose Mercy and I encourage everyone to do the same!
I have had an outstanding experience at Mercy. The teachers truly care about their students and help us to achieve more than we ever imagined we could. As a member of 2 Varsity sports and numerous extra curricular activities I have had many experiences to grow my leadership skills.
Mercy has been a wonderful place for our daughter to learn and grow. She is challenged in her classes, on the athletic field, and in extracurricular activities. The sisterhood between the Mercy Girls is unrivaled in our area. The traditions of the school truly help to support this bond of sisterhood.The faculty and administration all have the best interest of the girls at heart.Parent involvement is encouraged. We are impressed by the Women in Medicine program which our daughter participates in. This program has helped her discern a career path and given her real-life experience working with and being mentored by doctors and nurses at Mercy Medical Center. We do not feel our daughter would have been able to have access to opportunities that she has experienced in this program at any other school. From the athletic fields to the newly renovated classrooms to the garden, Mercy is an inviting space for all.
I was better prepared for college due compared to my college peers especially with time management, note taking, writing, and presentation skills. I went into college as a young women with a voice and confidence to speak up, ask questions, lead. Because of my experience at Mercy, I see the world as an opportunity to help--be part of the solution, not the problem.
Mercy High School prepared me for college through academics and activities such as sports. At Mercy, you can find a sisterhood that unites everyone in faith and knowledge.
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Mercy High School is truly preparing me for college. The amount of homework and the stress overload is going to be worth it in the end. I know that college will be tough and stressful, but Mercy has helped me to become the best version of myself to succeed in the college and whatever further education awaits me.
The best 4 years I experienced for a high school. I was given the education to excel in college. The teachers and staff were their to help you excel in the present and for the future. They show you how to be a leader in whatever you career you are led to.
Mercy provides rigorous, challenging academics with the personal attention needed to help all students achieve success. The Women in Medicine program provides my daughter with experiences she would not have on other high schools. The McAuley Honors program and the newly introduced IB program are also strong features of the school program. Additionally, our family loves the four-year advisor program, as we feel our daughter's advisor truly knows all facets of her personality and can provide her advice and support as necessary. The Alumnae commitment to the school is fantastic, with strong female role models routinely coming back to the school to provide mentoring, serve as guest speakers, etc. We could not ask for a better school than Mercy for our daughter!