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This school is so amazing. They are superior in everything from STEM, academics, athletics, student involvement, service, and much more. In my opinion, this is the best school that any girl could go to, as it will provide them with the education and materials to prepare them for college and beyond.
I like knowing that no one cares if you make mistakes they are just there to help you not make it again and teach you another way, the teachers are understanding and helpful, the school is very cozy, and everyone in a class is very close
Mercy is a small highschool and since my freshman year, has felt more like a home than a building. The staff are all so caring and involved and truly want the best for each and every girl.
The education I have received is valuable and applicable to every day life. Faith and humanity are consistent each day in curriculum.
The only thing I would change is for mercy to be closer to my home!
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I greatly enjoyed my time at Mercy Academy. My favorite part was how many choices for classes there are. I was able to take AP Art, Speech and Communication, and Creative Writing my senior year. The food isn't too bad but it makes up for it with different selections. If you don't like the main entree then you can pick the others offered (plus the cookies are to die for). The teachers are great! I loved all of them as they are great to get life advice from.
Mercy Academy is amazing! Choosing to go to Mercy was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! I love everything about it, from the academics, the facilities, to all of the great people.
What I love about Mercy Academy is that it is my home. When I walk through the doors every morning I feel at peace and able to relax and know that I am with my family. The teachers are not only teachers, they are role models and friends that teach you not only math and English, but life skills and how to succeed in life after the four years are up. And finally, my classmates, my mercy sisters are like my actual sisters they are there for me through everything and always there of Rebecca me when I need them. I know that Mercy is my home and will be after I graduate.
Mercy does not seem to demonstrate Catholic values when students go through trauma and may need temporary support. They judge and do not consider the child as a whole and what is going on. They also have outdated policies that allow for parent bullying and bullying from students where malicios intent is used but is not considered when reviewing, opposed to living the values stated. It's fine as long as you fit in their box, but if you have a traumatic event or death in the family or something outside the norm, don't expect compassion or collaboration for your child. They preach not fitting in the box, standing out and being a boss, but only on their terms, in their box and inconsiderate of how some journies are different. They also do not treat the students equally and they do not care about each and every student, only when it is to their advantage.
Mercy is an amazing school. It’s truly empowering to be there and be surrounded by so many wonderful women.
Push towards leadership and service is amazing. The atmosphere is welcoming and loving. The teachers always want to see the girls succeed. The counseling center could be improved. Campus events are always a blast, and the school spirit consumes you.
My experience at mercy was like no other high school experience. I have gained so many sister I did not even know I had. Being able to walk into those doors being excepted for who I am is hear warning. Every teacher just wants to help you achieve your best and to create relationships to the best of their ability and they did just that she more. One thing I would change is sadly just the lunches, even though mercy cookies are the best.
The size of Mercy is great because you can be a big fish in a small pond. Most students all know each other well and are able to have a good connection with faculty.
Excellent school. First and only all girls school with STEM accreditation. Excellent teachers and administration. My daughter didn’t want to go to an all girls high school, but she ends up loving the school and making lots of friends. She had the opportunity of taking 4 advanced classes since Freshman year and 3 AP classes at Senior year. She loved all her teachers. She graduated in May 2018 with high honors and she feels that this school prepared her for the challenges of a college curriculum. As a parent I really recommend this high school to any teenager that wants to succeed and wants to be surrounded by lovely and caring people. This school provides endless opportunities to all the students.
Mercy Academy is a great school! It really prepares you for college and sets you up for a bright future!
I attended Mercy Academy all 4 years of high school. When i shadowed, i knew this was the right school for me. Everyone makes it feel like another home. All the girls and teachers smile and greet you in the hallways and classrooms. Everyone really knows how to make you feel welcome.
Mercy Academy isn't just a school. Mercy is a family that cares about every student that walks through its doors. Being an all girl school, we don't have to worry about boys, our hair, or how we look. We get to focus genuinely on our education. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help every student whether it be by coming in early to help or being available by email 24/7. I love Mercy Academy.
I have loved my experience at Mercy Academy. Throughout my time at Mercy I have seen it grow beyond my imagination. Mercy has become the first all girl STEM certified school in the nation. I have also grown tremendously in my academic status. I have created a great work ethic and I am ready for anything that is thrown at me. However, the most important thing I think about Mercy is the atmosphere. They create a sense of “home” when you are there. The teachers are always willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed, not only in your academics but in your ideals as a person.
I loved everything about Mercy Academy. The thing I loved the most though was the fact that it pushed me and expanded who I am as a person tremendously. I grew so much in my time there. I went from being a shy girl who didn’t really know who she was, to being a brave, confident woman who wasnt afraid of anything. Mercy Academy became my home. Another thing I loved about my school was that it was all girls so I gained 600 sisters in my experience there. I also loved my teachers because they never stopped pushing me and were always there for in any aspect of my life.
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Mercy Academy's sense of community binds everyone in our drive to change the standard for what women are capable of. A Mercy girl's passion to be their best self constructs a competitive and supportive environment for each girl to grow into their full potential. Playing on the field, creating new clubs, or volunteering in our own community, all the while vigorously pusuing our academic endeavors with a heart of faith, makes Mercy academy a true place to foster dreams to achieve new heights.
Mercy prepared me so much for college that I get to graduate a semester early! Also, I have found my career because of a sophomore service experience!
All the teachers and staff care about you and your success. It prepared me so much for college, I was one of the best prepared students in my classes
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