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Mercersburg has an incredibly beautiful campus. It is a place for reflection as much as anything else. The gothic chapel is designed by the architect who built Princeton University's chapel, and it carries a rich history. It is the kind of place that is hard to leave. Mercersburg also has an exceptionally large endowment. Our alumni network is very loyal and really cares about our school. This allows Mercersburg to be constantly innovating and investing in its campus and faculty. Last year marked the opening of our new field house, and we just broke ground for the new aquatic center.
Mercersburg Academy is truly amazing. I was so prepared to go to college and living in a dorm in high school made the transition so easy. The faculty is so helpful and caring and the community is unlike any other.
It doesn't have any special or worth to remember of the school. Though it's big enough, the facilities are else common and same as others. Lives and activities are boring, as the distant of cities are far. Would you find anything attractive for daughters or son in the 4 years school life here?
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My brother goes to Mercersburg and I will be joining the blue storm next year and have seen such a great area and school. I am super excited to learn more about this fantastic school and hope everyone loves it here!
My experience with this school has been great. I love the fact that I got to try lots of new things from volleyball to acting. I got to travel to Germany and Costa Rica representing my school. The teachers are very involved and always there to help. It’s a great community. The only thing I would change is more diversity!
Mercersburg is one of my favorite places ever. It taught me how to think in ways I never imagined I would've. I am forever grateful to know Mercersburg and it has given me so much in life.
This school has become my home from the start of my four years here. It's inclusive with great opportunities and I couldn't have had a better high school experience.
I like the community at Mercersburg Academy - entire school is like a family. Activities are offered so that all students get to know each other regardless of grade, dorm lived in, etc. Teachers are easily and often available for help!
Mercersburg Academy is a wonderful institution that admits adolescents and produces informed, well-rounded young men and women. The curriculum is comparable to a college or university curriculum, and prepares students for college academics and college life very well. I learned the values of independence and critical thinking at Mercersburg. I also was able to secure a position on as college baseball team through my athletic development at the Academy.
Best decision I ever made was going to Mercersburg. Truly one of the best places to be to help you grow.
The Academy makes sure that its students have a well rounded education and that everyone feels included.
The school health center could do with some improvements in facilities and access, but overall personal safety is very high.
There's a good deal of clubs, but only a select few are really well organized and have a defined presence on campus.
Mercersburg is a fantastic place, the only thing many would choose to change would be the location.
Overall, teachers are incredibly attentive to students' needs. Though some classes are difficult, and it may seem as if unnecessarily challenging students, classes present a real-world challenge that is beneficial in the end.
Mercersburg really is such a safe environment. Bullying, personal safety, and other things of that matter are taken pretty seriously. Some people don't really like the Health Center, but someone is always available for you.
Mercersburg offers a variety of extracurricular activities which include: sports, dance, theater, band and orchestra, student council, outdoor education, and several other things. It's really easy for students to get involved in something.
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Just like at any school, there is a handful of teachers that could be better. But for the most part, the classroom environment was always pleasant and productive to me. I was really able to form connections with most of my teachers as well which is always important.
There are a lot of different options for every type of person and interest at this school.
The only things that I don't like now are the restrictions; some of the rules are more restricting than I would like as a senior in high school