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the school itself is laid out nicely and everything about the actual building itself is nice, but i found that the teachers are very unmotivated at times and this can result in you getting an acceptable at most grade but still ending up somewhat clueless about the content that you were just supposed to learn over the previous year.
Mostly European and Indian. Growing number of Asians. Fair amount of African American/Other.
I loved my time there. Now? A LOT of students say it has turned horribly wrong.
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They do their job. That's about it. (Some are an exception and actually care if you are struggling)
Never had a problem except the school nurse always seems to be out to lunch.
The special needs students are tucked away in a little portion of the school that is just not as nice when compared to where the other classrooms are. Counselors are pretty useless, and by pretty, I mean completely. Do not listen to a thing they say! It has steered my classes very wrong because I have listened to them.
Clubs and other things are numerous, however, there is never funding for ANYTHING. Fundraisers happen year round and just leech off of the parents wallets.
There aren't as many clubs or activities in middle school as there are in high school. However, there is enough for a 3 grade school and each one is different. There are clubs for community service, music, dance, etc.
The food isn't the best and I usually packed. But when I had to eat school food, there was a lot of junk food with sides of fruit or vegetables.
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