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An incredible place to be educated. The teachers are all very invested and interested in their subjects. If you can ignore some funding shortages in certain arts departments and an apathetic student body, MIHS is a great place to spend four years.
Pros: MIHS is a good school. Most of my teachers have been amazing. Most faculty members are very helpful. Academic support is okay; you have to make an effort to get your academic counselor to really help you.

Cons: The pressure associated with academics has gotten out of hand recently. The school is also not very diverse (mostly white and Asian). Some students can act very privileged. School sports can be very intense.
Really good teachers and people and building. The building is new and the teachers are young and happy to teach. Students are very nice too!
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Mercer Island High School has excellent academics and has pushed me as a student to reach my full potential. With that said, however, it seems as if Mercer Island School District favors high standardized test scores over creating well rounded students. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience here.
Overall, MIHS is a good school with its fair share of good teachers and bad teachers. One of the best things about MIHS is its attention to the band program, but due to this other programs (like choir and drama) suffer.
I had at least one or two teachers every year who I could connect with and enjoy learning from. The counseling support I received was very good. I did not feel informed enough of extracurricular opportunities (for high school students but not directly connected to the school).
All in all MIHS is an incredible school. There cannot be enough said with regards to the academics and vast support provided for all students, tremendous school spirit, and wide range of clubs, sports, and fine arts programs. While there is a degree of cliquiness present, the environment is still super inviting. Whatever energy you put into the school is returned by the entire community several times over.
Mercer Island is notable for its top-notch athletics and supportive community. Students are proud to be Islanders and well-prepared for college.
Over the years, I have found really great friends at MIHS. Teachers at MIHS are very supportive, engaging, and kind. I also like that my school makes an effort to talk about issues in our community. I wish students were a bit more open minded though.
Mercer Island HS is a fairly safe school. We do have good resources and school facilities. Most of teachers are very experienced and have been teaching for more than 15 years. But our school is neither good at academics since we can only take AP during Junior or Senior years, nor do we have good sport teams.
Mercer Island High School is a wonderfully challenging and academically rigorous. Our academics are among the highest in our region, and our sports teams and club variety are excellent. However, the school does suffer from a lack of diversity and an overly competitive environment. If possible, I would love to see my school transform into a community were people help each other in times of needs, rather than look for opportunity to gain a higher grade.
Mercer Island has excellent support for all students and wonderful staff to help mentor, coach, and teach students of all kinds.
A good school with a not-so-good atmosphere. I will forever remember the dedicated teachers I had there, but I was never too fond of the people actually coming from the island. There's a lot of entitlement here, beware.
I really liked my experience at Mercer Island High School so far. Everyone is really nice and the teachers care a lot about each student's progress. However, there are a couple of bad teachers who don't really teach. If the school fixed these teachers, my experience would be even better. Overall though, it was a great experience!
I'm more interested to keep a sense of what many children depict high school to be, as in earning what you get rather than awarding everyone some sort of trophy or ability that should be attributed to those who have earned it throughout a greater number of years of education.
MIHS really cares about image, which can be a good or a bad thing. Academics are big here, enabled by a rich community. Everyone goes to college.

I've never felt unsafe at school. That being said, the administration takes LOTS of care to make sure that suspensions, arrests, suicides or suicide attempts are kept under wraps. We had a moment of silence for a recent alumnus who died from a hiking accident, while two recent alumni who died from drug overdoses this year were never acknowledged.

There's a lot of different food, but of questionable quality. It's nice that the cafeteria is open most of the day (even outside of lunch hours).

BRIDGES sucks! What was once a program with good intentions has become a fiend designed to imprison and bore students out of their minds. Once a week for 45 minutes is far too much.

MIHS definitely has its flaws, but it has been generally happy, safe, and the best education I could hope for in a nearby public school district.
The place is really big and welcoming, it makes me feel like I'm at home instead of in a school. The activities and clubs are awesome, they give you have best teem work experiences you've probably never experienced before.
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I was a student at Mercer Island High School for all four years. I really did enjoy my time at Mercer Island High School. The administration, staff, and parents provided a good quality of educational, sports, and leadership opportunities. This created a variety of programs that were available for high school students like me to participate in a positive environment with a culture of success. I was able to participate in sports like Track & Field and Basketball while maintaining good grades and a healthy social life. I believe that Mercer Island High School really teaches students how to balance there lives when you are constantly busing.
Generally a good experience. Lots of opportunities for good relationships with others in the community. Parents tended to get too involved.
The teachers are here to make sure you succeed. The fine art programs are terrific. I wish there was a little more love and support for the arts. The sports are very well supported and I think the arts could use a little more love. The English teachers are superb.
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