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The course selection that is offered here is good for students that plan to go into the medical field, and the teachers care. However, everything else about this school is disappointing. I question the rigor of the courses, as I feel that they are not as challenging as AP courses at a normal public school. You also really miss out on the normal high school experience and social scene because the school is so small. Each grade has about 20-30 students, and I don't think most high school students could survive in this setting because it is very isolated from normal public schools. I have made a few good friends, but, your options are extremely limited which makes some friendships feel forced. Our school has no sports teams and only a handful of clubs. Administration can be disorganized and ineffective. The only bathroom in our main academic building has 1 stall with a curtain as a door, and there are only 2 stalls! The wifi also hasn’t been working since the start of this school year.
The small class size could be a downside for most people, but as long as you find the right people to be around it'll be a great four years at Health Science Academy.
Teachers work without a contract and don’t get paid enough considering they teach almost all grades of both the HSA and STEM program. School nurse not qualified for job. Bathrooms lack attention (i.e.: ripped shower curtain as bathroom stall door for 5 years straight). Small cafeteria=crowded=fire hazard. School has purchased a few flat screen TVs and doesn’t use them for anything.
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Mercer County Tech is an amazing school with great teachers and students. Unlike most high schools, the grades are mixed and interact a lot. The atmosphere is really nice and usually not stressful at all.
I go to the STEM Academy- it’s near HSA but under Mercer County Technical Schools. We don't have a building; all our classes are held in Mercer County Community College. We have no clubs. The curriculum is terrible-they claim that classes are technically AP and there are college credit courses. Those credits only apply to schools that accept credits from MCCC. Ivy leagues do not accept these credits. The teachers aren’t qualified-many are easy or can’t teach. There are only cold lunches. Finally, this school doesn’t prepare you for college-it’s too easy and doesn't force you to manage time well.
I feel safe at my school. My school has great security measures in place. The health programs and resources are great. The nurse is wonderful.
There are many extracurricular activities at my school. My favorite organizations are HOSA, Student Council, and Debate. HOSA is the most popular organization and has helped my peers and I learn about the medical field.
My experience at Health Science Academy has been amazing. I have developed relationships with my peers and teachers. I have learned about healthcare, my career, and what it takes to be in the medical field. I have taken college courses while I am in high school, which is what makes my school unique. I have obtained real-world experience in internships and HOSA conferences. I would certainly choose this school again.
The teacher at my school are wonderful. They genuinely care about all of the students and help them to succeed.
The overall experience is great. Many of the students are engaging and nice. It's really a family environment. What sets it apart is it's availability to attend college classes and mercer community colleges in your junior and senior year. If I had to do it all again, I would. If you set aside the lunches, it truly is an amazing place. It's currently is under-construction the front entrance, office, gymnasium, and cafeteria are being built/rebuilt.
There is no variety at all. No hot lunches. Pretty positive the maintenance staff puts it together.There are the same 5 options all year round. It does not change: Turkey, ham, Chicken salad(Really just turkey lunch meat with LOTS of mayo), Chef salad, and vegetarian salad (with tuna on the side). The sides to the options do change but they are usually disgusting.
The policies are average and like any other school. The principal and vice-principal are extremely helpful and understanding. You can talk to them anytime and about anything. They encourage both parents and students to stop by or call if they have any concerns. The guidance counselor's assistant was amazing but the guidance counselor herself is average/below average. She pretty much disappeared for a year after her pregnancy. the office staff is also amazing. They are very helpful and will help you with any concern necessary.

The bullying policy is very strict. Once you inform a teacher or staff member, they will inform of their requirement of informing the HIB coordinator. After that the process is fast and easy. it's not very pain-staking on the victim (or really the suspect until proven guilty). It takes a length of about 2 days. The attendance is fairly strict but ridiculous. If student chooses to ride with parent then they are still punishable and are recommended to ride the transportation from their home-school. There are no controversial policies
There are alot of options for clubs but most require an average to high GPA or final grade. When it comes down to student council there is the same requirement but anyone is allowed to come and help. Prom committee and World media do not require more than a passing final grade of 60%. The administrators are very helpful and supporting.
I believe our school is very safe. In the case of emergency the teachers and students are so close there is an almost guaranteed safe feeling
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The guidance counselor is caring
The room temperature is different in every room.
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Everyone pretends to be friends
The teachers are very helpful
There is a lack of variety. Only served cold subs.
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