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Mercer County Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the courses/classes offered. The only thing I would change would be the crowdedness and number of students all in one building.
A few good teachers are employed here but most are rude and not helpful. Did not have a pleasant high school experience here. Students are rowdy and annoying, as well. They have a good sports program but that’s about it.
Challenged me with essays and projects. I would like to see them change in, making sure every student feels welcomed, and to just keep in mind that every students is the same no matter their ethnicity , the staff is great. I would just like to see them bring some issues aware instead of acting like everything is alright, in my opinion it would help a lot of students. Diversity in my opinion is very poor at this school and some students tend to take advantage of that and use that to their advantage to bring other students down, due to their race. I personally wish my high school experience would've gone better, but thankfully it shaped me to the person I am today with a even bigger and more open heart in order to not be like some people at this high school.
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My experience at Mercer County Senior High has been pretty good overall. You can make lifetime friends along with connections with your teachers and staff that will impact you forever.
I enjoyed the multitude of teachers involved within the education system. All of the teachers that I encountered seemed to generally care about the student body and wanted to help out wherever possible. I also really enjoyed the excellent extra-curricular activities; our boys track team has won back to back state championships and many of our other sports regularly win regionals.
I go to Mercer and I have never in my life been to a school with so many disorganized teachers. Almost all my teachers I've had lose my papers, tests, etc. Not to mention, the amount of homework they give you. I do homework from the time I get home to the time I go to sleep and even on weekends. It's stressful 24/7.
My favorite thing about Mercer County are the teachers and the academic and athletic excellence. The teachers here are very understanding and our student athletics are amazing .
The overall high school experience has been great. Although, sometimes the teachers act like they aren't willing to explain concepts further or in a different way if you do not understand. Many people seemed to be more focused on athletics than education sometimes as well.
It was alright. Overall the main weakness is the guidance counselor. They plan very bad schedules for people and nobody ever gets the classes they want. Besides that, that place is full of country bumpkins.
My experience in the school is overall ok but they need to fix some stuff. Like the teachers, some teachers don't teach and are not preparing their students for the next grade level. Other than that it is a nice school.
There is absolutely no bullying at our school. Once a month the drug dogs come in and go through the halls. If there is ever a threat it is hit head on right when its made.
This schools offers very many clubs, sports, and most of all the teachers are amazing!!!
At this school, you have many opportunities. This opportunities include clubs, pep rallies, games and many more. I would go back and o it again if I could because its a great schools overall.
The teachers at Mercer County Senior High School are very friendly, approachable, and caring. They always know the right thing to say and teach the content very well and very understanding.
The vocational Allied Health course is not very talked up.
Clubs could be at a different time during the day so that votech students can participate.
Need more academic spending not athletic spending.
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I helped start the Green club and it was great to save the environment.
My favorite experience was the soccer game environment and the warmth from the crowd.
I only had a select teachers that cared about me and those teachers either taught honors or AP classes.
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