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Mercer County High School Reviews

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Mercer County was a really good school. I transferred from another high school my sophomore year and I didn't know if I would like this new school. When I got there my first day, I never felt so comfortable and confident at any school. It was easy to conversate, the academics are outstanding. It's an all around great school. The athletics, the staff, the students, the clubs, everything is amazing!
I like this school only for the friends i have made in it. Otherwise, I feel as though I have been deprived of a good education. Maybe a larger school would have given me better opportunities to develop. Some teachers do not prove to be a reliable source regardless of the subject.
Our food is described to be healthy by Michelle Obama, but by my personal standards nothing about our lunch is healthy. When we receive packaged fruit or vegetables you can taste the chemicals in the food.The main source of protein are thick with saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. Personally, hot dogs barley cooked all the way through do not suffice as a "healthy meal".
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Our staff at Mercer county is anything but lenient when it comes to guidelines. Our rules are set in stone until taken to the school board. Our principle is, in all honesty, the best principal to ever represent a school. ever. I know this is informal but she is so involved in students lives. I have received at least three hand written letters from her appeasing me for various performances throughout the year. Many other students have received the same treatment.
Our school spirit is intense, mostly during football season. My sophomore year (2012) we won football 2A state! We have taken a lot of pride in our football team throughout the years taking home a few state titles and a few second place trophies. The stands are always filled on a fall friday night. Our basketball team has supporters, but has not had as much success as our football team.
I like my teachers, but most of them do not comply with my learning capacity. I am a VERY visual learner and in order for me to understand something thoroughly, i have to go through the lesson slowly and meticulously. If these necessary steps are not taken i won't retained the lesson being taught. 4 out of my 7 teachers have successfully been able to teach me real life, useful skills. Not only have they gotten though to me, I have retained this information prosperously.
Our school is very small, 385 students walk the halls daily. Many other public schools in larger communities harbor many more students than our small, close-knit community. Due to our smaller numbers, we have less students to participate in clubs, organizations, and group activities. Some of our extracurricular opportunities are basketball(girls and boys), softball, baseball, volley ball(girls), football(boys), dance team, cheerleading, majorettes, flag squad, key club(community service), book club, movie appreciation club, band, jazz band, choir, show choir, music theory, music appreciation. Most of the smaller clubs are book club, movie club, flags, and majorettes. These clubs, on average, receive less attention from faculty/staff. My personal favorite clubs are band, choir, show choir, danced team, and music theory.
Some are ok, coach should not be vice principal
Most teachers are understanding and concerned
students are looked down upon, would not choose
The school seems to be more focused on athletics, football in particular. Other sports and extracurricular activities don't get near the attention. There are not many activities other than sports.
We have a small school, There are not really any gang issues, mostly white students. The school nurse handles grade school, intermediate school, Jr high and high school, so she is rarely at the high school. The school is more focused on sports than academics, it seems. If you do not have money or the right name, you are looked down upon by most of the students and some of the staff.
The great thing about this school is that everyone in the school and the community both are so involved in school activities. Extra curricular activities are a huge part of this school and gets a lot of community support.
There are some after school actives that students can participate in to be get academic help or just to be part of an academic club. There are not a lot of students who participate in those types of activities.
since the school is a rather small school, there is some peer pressure in being "cool". Most f the students all come from the same kinds of back grounds or ethnicities so anyone who is not from a typical white family is sometimes looked at a little differently because since the school is very small there is not a lot of diversity. However, most all students are very much accepted into the school and the activities.
After leaving high school, I realized that high school did not really prepare me for real world situations. In high school they did not teach you the steps in buying a house, or filing taxes, or taking out a loan. They helped you to be somewhat prepared to go on to college and further your education but they did not teach the things that most all students will do at some point in their life times.
The administration of the school does a very good job of enforcing policies such as bullying, dress codes and attendance. They create guidelines for these issues and they take action and stick to their word if a problem arises.
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We have the best facilities and always attract a good sized crowd to a game.
Most of the teaching staff is great, one are that stops me from giving five stars is that we have had 3 different Physics teachers and are about to get another.
The high school building is old and has no air conditioning. There are times when the heat does not work as well.
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