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They use extreme measures to make sure we are following the rules- Strip Search (to find our phone) the Administration harasses certain students ("...because of love. ")and makes girl line up to check dress length when men get to wear jeans on chapel day with no punishment. The Administration picks on people and one teacher said the people that they pick on are more loved and the others are useless. I am moving schools because they are harassing me. I would give this school zero stars if that was an option.
Great school! So thankful to have such a phenomenal place in our area! The teachers are top-notch and the level of academics can't be beat!
They have no idea how to teach
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I felt like the administration wanted me out and tried everything to get me out if the school. I always had a target on my back. I had athletic scholarships but the school did everything in their power to take them away from me. I now do not have those scholarships and are paying for school when I didn't have to all because they did not like the way I believed
Most people that come from this school are not prepared for college. The technology department is far behind its like they haven't made it out if the 90s with technology
If a girl gets pregnant they are kicked out. But if I guy got a girl pregnant he is allowed to stay
They do not care about students who do not share the same biblical philosophies as they do. If you make one mistake they do not fallow their own handbook on how it should be dealt with. They jump right to expulsion with out notifying the parents. They tried doing that to me. They did not fallow their own rules and made them up as they went.
No one in the administration was willing to help me out when I needed. But the moment I made one mistake they wanted to take everything away that I had. Even though there were people in the administration that were making the same mistakes I was but used me to distract the attention away from them. They used me for their own personal gain.
The teachers do not even have to have a certified teaching license to teach at this school.
The teachers at MCA are what really make the school. The staff are the friendliest people. Very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. All the teachers care deeply for the students and love to see them succeed.
The facility, guidance counselor, and parent involvement are off the charts. Technology brought in by the students is not accepted at all. Tutoring is readily available. It is a fantastic school in this area.
The school has really ramped up the food program in the past 3 years. Providing delicious full meals every lunch. All are cooked in the kitchen and even the cooking class helps out! I would love to order every day but it is really expensive since Mercer Christian doesn't have state funding. It really is unfortunate.
Mercer Christian has been a safe environment for and from the students. There is no bullying, drugs, alcohol, gangs, or anything of the sort. Most of the students are respectful and respectable.
There is no peer pressure, no challenges racially, ethically, or sexually. The main reasons is that all the students are of the same race, religion, and sexual orientation. Student involvement is fairly decent, there are plenty of responsible students at Mercer Christian Academy.
There are no clubs at my school unfortunately, there are not enough students to have any clubs. The amount of homework that is assigned and the percentage of students that play sports really limits the possibility of school clubs.
The emphasis on athletics at my school is nothing compared to the academic side. Basketball, volleyball, and soccer are the only sport teams that Mercer Christian currently has.
My school is incredibly small and many students don't enjoy it there, though I think it is fantastic if you apply yourself. The staff is some of the best as they care for you, your grades, and your future. Applying yourself is really the trick here. I would definitely choose to come here again if I could. One of the problems is that it doesn't have good funding so tuition is very expensive for a highschool.
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This year I am taking AP, dual enrollment, and honors classes. There are very few opportunities to stray away from the main courses offered since there is a very low number of students that attend. The English, math, and science classes are all exceptionally challenging. Mercer Christian Academy is known for being the most academically advanced school in the area.
I have been attending this same school for my entire life and have been through 4 principals. As for the involvement of the administrative staff, all are and have been exceptional in their duties except the principal that was administrator during the 2012-2013 school year. Otherwise I highly commend the school's administration. The dress code is a bit strict, but for a good reason. All other rules and guidelines presented are well established and enforced. I have no qualms with anything other than the higher standard of dress code.
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