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Mercer Area Senior High School Reviews

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Mercer Area High School is a good public school. The school has multiple classes to choose from when making your high school class schedule. The school has a great sports team. And all the employees are extremely nice.
It is a close community, the teachers are very helpful and care about whether you succeed or not, and There are a lot of resources and people available to help students.
My favorite part of this school was the teachers. It was obvious to see in them a level of excitement and love for what they taught that made the experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. I would love to see the school receive more funding, for I know that it would be used well.
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Mercer area high school is a nice school in the area. Most of the teachers are very good and prepare you for where you will to go in life. I love how the teachers are available a lot of the time to help you and are willing to do so. The dress code could be more lenient with women and allow students more time to get to classes, but other than that, I don't have any other complaints. MHS is a pretty great school, even though some students just don't see it yet.
I'd say I enjoyed my Mercer High School experience. From the teachers to my friends to the classes, over all, high school wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'd like to see more classes open up for Mercer over the years (and perhaps get some better food too). While I felt there were enough classes to prepare me for my personal future, I don't think there are enough options for others who may be seeking different goals in life.
I've been going to Mercer Area High School for about 6 years and there is no other high school I would have rather gone to. The extracurricular activities and sports are so diverse and open to anyone. The academic system is also diverse, from physics to journalism to concert choir, there is something for everyone. The teachers and staff are so kind and approachable and willing to help anyone in need any time a student needs it. It is also a safe place to be; an off duty police officer will stay there throughout the school day. The environment is calming and relaxing, it is a great place for an education.
It's a small school but they produce some excellent students, I am very happy with the education my children are receiving.
I feel completely safe. We have a police officer in the school at all times. I trust most students. I leave valuable things in my locker and they've never gotten stolen. Things have been returned to me if I have lost them
Three of the favorite after school activities are choir, musical, and sports in general. There's many choirs at Mercer. Show choir, chamber choir, concert choir, middle school choir. Sometimes we sing around the community or just put on a concert for a crowd full of community members. Musical is a great way to be yourself, no matter how weird. Sports are a great source of excersise and and awesome way to get a lot of new friends who will have your back for years.
This school is unique because there are no cliques. There is no jock table or nerds. We are all civil and friendly and for the most part get along with everyone. If someone drops their books a whole group of people is guaranteed to help them pick up their stuff.
The teachers are very down to earth and easy to talk to. They genuinely care about their students. One teacher referred to his students as his own kids. They ask how their students are doing if they see that something is wrong. They care about each students health. One teacher caught a girl who had fainted in the hallway. Two other teachers helped to break up a fight. They monitor the students just enough so that they can have fun at school but still feel safe. They offer help to students who are struggling. The teachers are passionate about their work and try to teach in an up to date way that will grasp each students interests.
The classroom atmosphere can become distracting due to excessive talking by students. Most students are disrespectful towards authority. The overall experience is not superb, but it is a place you can learn.
There needs to be air conditioning. The dress code is too strict. The cafeteria is really cold. The heating does not come on until November. The gym is very nice. Some teachers are great. The lunches are pretty good. The hallways and lockers are clean.
Lots of computers but bad network/Internet
A few great classes but not a variety
People stick to their own groups, few problems
Over protective about bomb threats, we have a cop
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There are some good teachers but it's not perfect
Unnecessary dress code and doesn't address bullies
There are many sports for all ages and all seasons
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