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As a senior at Mercedes High School, this school has its ups and downs but overall it is just like any other school. This school has many things that I very much like such as the teachers, they are very helpful in lending a helping hand when it comes to class work, studying, or especially when it comes to helping us students with college things such as applying for colleges or scholarships.
i dont like it i got bullied and i will never go back........................................... ....
During my 4 years of high school, I have witnessed corruption in the school board administration, favorability for sports and school facilities being misused and broken down. However, my school has offered AP courses, which have benefited me for my future in college. I wish I can say I am thankful for my high school experience but I am not.
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The efforts of the teachers is what i like. What can be improved is the resources and the quality of the food.
Mercedes High School has small town feel because its a small community. We are acquainted with most students. It is generally a very safe environment. We been thankful that there has not been any serious violence in our campus .
My experience in this school would be like any other school. The teachers that I had have all been supportive, and they pushed me to do better, to go to college.
Mercedes High School is all about politics. If you have a parent that works there, or are related to someone there you will get favored and not get in trouble. Whereas, if you aren’t they will continually be unequal with you.
Since the time I moved to Mercedes I was able to see the kind people that live here. When I became a freshmen in high school I made tons of friends that always had my back in any situation. I joined S.T.E.M and Criminal Justice and within those two programs I meet my inner circle of the people I can truly trust. Mercedes high school isn’t just a school it’s family we fend for one another no matter what. The only problem is the school food but come on that’s in every school.
In Mercedes High School we lack the funds to do anything spontaneous. We are truly limited within our clubs to do anything to benefit our community. My educators however make my learning experience amazing.
Since the town of Mercedes is fairly small there are many limitations to resources. There is no culture or diversity but the teachers are excellent.
Very good school overall but would like to see school be a little more lenient with electronics policy.
My experience has been a great one i am currently starting my last and final year at this high school. Although sometimes things were hard to get through I enjoyed every bit of it appreciate all the teachers who pushed me to get through it and excell in going to actually be the first class of MHS to graduate under the STEM academy.but if there was anything that I'd want to change it would have to be the school food but other than that I'm looking forward to enjoying this school year.
I liked the environment and athletics, people were so nice and fun to be around as for the athletics they were such great teams to watch on Friday night lights. I disliked the academics because some teachers weren't as skilled enough to teach a class, so it would be a good thing to change the type of leaders they hire for their district.
I really liked attending this school. The teachers, staff, and faculty are all amazing. The school has many opportunities for there students.
My experience at Mercedes Hogh School was so unexplainable. The administration was more concerned about what you wore and how you look instead of focusing on getting s student to class. The lunch food was disgusting. I found nails and hairs and when I would report it to the principal all they would do was say, "I can get you another one". Like okay no, I'm sure that one has the same thing. I know everyone makes mistakes but Mercedes administration wasn't concerned if it wasn't trying to send a kid home. The principals always said that we need to be in attendance with class but if you wore comfortable shoes as in sandals right away you were sent home or to ISS. Honestly Mercedes High has so many things it needs to change considering that they're one of the lowest ranked, sorry to say.
As a graduate of 2017 of Mercedes high school I have experienced a lot of its lows and highs in certain areas. The academics is not all that great unless it involves sports. The administration is more worried about clothing than their test passing rate. If you want to go to a school who is more focused on sports then this is it. Although you feel very welcomed coming to this school, if your priority is to progress in your knoweldgement do not attend.
What I like about Mercedes high school is the different opportunities they provide us to ensure we have a successful future.
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It was the worst don't ever go there. They don't treat people fair. its not what you know its who you know
My name is Felicia Garza and I am a senior at Mercedes High school. My experience at Mercedes high school has led not only me, but the rest of my senior class into the right path after graduation. The school administration is very prestigious and they aspire for us to become what we want to be. They have prepared us for college all what is necessary life after graduation.
Being a student at Mercedes high school has made me realize what a privilege it will be to become an alumni. I’ve loved all my four years at Mercedes High School and every student who attends MHS is extremely grateful.
My experience as a parent in Mercedes High School is very good. teachers , administrators, students and parents are very nice and knowledgeable in every aspect. I wouldn't want to change anything on this small community school. everyone know each other and helps each other as well.
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