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The “early college” as most of us call it, was a second home to most. It was a place that we had friends that grew to be family over the four years. The only problem that we would see in a daily basis is the administrators. They [administrators] seemed to only want to work when they felt like it. They misguided a few students, and cost some their rank or even getting an associates. I would like to see a change in administrators for the future kids that apply and get accepted into that school.
MECA is a great school.Student friendly.
I wish students would be better informed of college courses/scholarships.
I enjoyed the freedom that the school gave us throughout the year. They allowed us to take classes at our community college for free and allowed us to choose the classes we wanted. The councilors and principle genuinely cared about the students and went out of their way to make sure we had everything that we needed. The teachers also cared about our education, staying after school for tutoring and kept working with students until they finally learned the task at hand.
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I enjoyed the teacher’s involvement in their students academics. Almost everyone in my senior class graduated with an associate degree, and the principal cared for her students. I wish there was more diversity, but it’s hard when Mercedes is 98% Hispanic/Latino. I also wish there were more clubs and extracurricular activities that weren’t sports related, it would be nice if there was a theater arts department. Overall, Mercedes Early College Academy strives at academics but lacks diversity and clubs. Of course, the best thing about MECA is that the faculty strives for everyone to be college ready and pushes their students to obtain an associate degree. Although I just graduated, I would recommend MECA to everyone interested in earning college credit hours or an associate degree.
Mercedes Early College Academy provides students with many resources to access college materials. Staff and faculty of this public institution are very motivational and have very good communication skills.
As a departing senior, enjoyed my time at MECA. The student culture there was near utopian. I felt safe and welcome anywhere I walked. The staff and faculty are consistently helping students prepare for the next level of education. Although MECA has been a great school, anything can improve. I believe that there are minor things that could improve such as the student parking lot and the cafeteria tables. Other than that it’s a great learning environment dedicated to helping students reach and exceed their goals.
Mercedes Early College Academy taught me to be college ready, career ready, and life ready. It is a school where faculty is very involved with the students academic success and help cope with transitioning from high school to college. A school where involvement is in its best interest.
I attended Mercedes Early College because I wanted to earn an associates degree while still attending high school. The school is by no means a new school, so don't expect the best quality. I like how the teachers and administrations are very lenient with students. This is a small and safe school for students who are serious about their education.
Amazing staff and faculty! It consists of a friendly environment, and it feels like a big family. The principal goes out of her way to help the students succeed
I like that Mercedes Early College is a small school because the teachers can get to know the students better. I also like that we are challenged, so we're ready for college.
My experience at Mercedes Early College was awesome. I am really glad that I enrolled into MECA my freshman year, because I am able to get ahead and graduate with my associates and my high school diploma at the same time. Some aspects that I liked about MECA was that the teachers are always very helpful in every way. For example, I needed help with completing my college application so, I asked for help and they gave me advice to complete the application.
Deciding to attend Mercedes Early College was the best decision I've made in my life. The teachers are passionate about their jobs and they care a lot for the students. I became a dual enrollment student my sophomore year and now I'm only 3 classes away from getting my Associates degree. It was the best decision because not only did I save time, I also saved a lot of money. My experience at Mercedes Early College will always be one to remember.
During my last four years at this campus, it has changed tremendously especially it's technological development. Being at this school, allows you to be introduced to a variety of challenges, and it prepares to the college experience that awaits you.
It is a great school in general it helps to keep your education going without paying anything to get an associate's degree. There is always time to attend torturing with any teacher that you may want help from. So there's no reason why you should not get the subjects.
I really like this school. It's a small place and it's good because everyone knows everyone. The teachers are extreamly helpful to get things done. One thing I would like to see change is the faveratisim.
My experience at Mercedes Early College Academy has been very uplifting. Being given the chance to be in a school where other students-like me- aspire to achieve their goals and to continue their education has helped keep me in track. MECA has a wonderful staff that have helped encourage me, and have reminded me to remain stress-free when my studies became difficult. The ONLY thing I would ask of MECA to chance, is their policy regarding student internships. I'd ask them to help make it become an easier process.
The workload is very manageable.
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All students are accepted by every student there.
There is robotics, student council, and more.
I earn an associates degree during high school.
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