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Merced Scholars Charter School Reviews

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The teachers are really helpful and supportive. They answer any questions that I have and they are very insightful.
Merced Scholars is one of the best schools that I've gone to. The staff is absolutely amazing. The other students are great too. I can not complain about this school at all.
The school had a decent administration. Easy directions and easy to get along with.
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Love the staff here. THe teachers were motivating and inspired learning.
Little to no safety at my school. did not feel very safe.
Academics can be challenging but also hard to find a niche of learning what you want to learn about. not much variety in the courses offered.
Leadership extracurricular club-- loved this club but didn't gain any leadership skills. Wouldnt take this course again but it was an extracurricular activity offered so I cannot complain.
A cafeteria is open from the morning hours till 8:30 where you can have a kitchen cooked meal or choose from a variety of items that are made beforehand. Salads, fruit and yogurt are available and easy to grab on your way to class. Additionally every once in a while a specialty item is fixed by bringing an outside restraunt onto the campus.
The teachers are incredible. This is my third semester and I have not had a bad professor yet. They are very encouraging, make their office hours known and are even willing to meet with you by appointment if their office hours don't fit your schedule.
I would recommend my school to anyone. In fact I have! They have incredible professors who are invested in their students and can give one on one attention to those who request it. The admission offices are run by very friendly and helpful people/students who have pointed a very confused me in the right direction on several occasions.
It is a college, I can't think of any behavior (other than illegal activities) that are restricted or monitored. In extreme cases students who are disruptive in class will be reported to the dean who has the option of suspending their registration rights.
Many of the students that graduate or transfer from this school go on to large schools that are hard to gain acceptance to. However, this is not always the case. It is a Junior College so some students are either not academically ready for this or never intended on transferring. The professors are incredibly encouraging though and continually tell and show us that while they understand our personal difficulties they also know that we can aspire to anything we want to.
Being a Junior College the diversity at this school is large. Students come from all different walks of life with all different passions and goals. I recently heard about an LGBT support group and I know from being a part of the art program (a typically diverse group) that the acceptance and tolerance is very high.
As an artist I was excited to find out that an Art Club was just started at my school. There are various other clubs such as the Anthropology Club and a few Honor's Societies as well. Additionally the school offers free workshops on various helpful subjects such as financial aid, FAFSA, budgeting and etc.
I have not been involved with many of the sport facilities since I am not very sporty, but those that I have seen were very well kept. Our football field/track is very well lit and is used can be used for non-profit events as well as school events. The pool facilities cover all of the school needs and are maintained well. Our Physical Education program has several swim related classes such as beginning swimming, water aerobics, and lifeguard training. There are also tennis courts open to students who would like some extra practice and exercise.
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