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I think they have done the best to make me better in every aspects of my person. They help me not just education wise but also as a person in general.
The staff and teachers are eager to assist the students. The school offers great and relevant courses.
Merced High School has grown to be my home. I have been here for four years now and I have come to absolutely love this place. The teachers have become people that I feel safe with and I trust them. Needless to say, just because I love it here, doesn't mean it can't have some changes. I think the biggest thing that needs to change is involvement. This school would be 10x better if the students would try to participate more in school activities. Our school spirit could definitely need some help because it would really make our school a happier more fun place to be.
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Merced High School is a cool and fun place to be around, the working environment is spectacular and the staff is awesome. Merced High is the oldest school in the district and has a lot of meaning for the teachers and staff. We are home to champions and scholars, our sports teams are very competitive and will not go down without a fight. The campus is very old school and nothing has changed and that makes Merced High so unique.
Merced high has an excellent sports program and excellent coaches. I have had a great experience with the majority of my teachers, the few problems I had were resolved with the help of my counselor. The only thing I would change, is the way they budget the sports money. Many of the sports are lacking in what they need, where as others have so much in excess.
Merced High School is a great environment of academics and pursuance of higher education other than what is traditionally offered in most high schools. In comparison to its surroundings, Merced High School does its best providing students who seek a challenge the best it can offer. One of the most admirable things about this school is that is is very supportive. No faculty, administrator, liaison, or staff will say no to a request if its well-founded and practical. Even though it has this supportive atmosphere, Merced High School lacks the raw resources to provide many students with opportunities to pursue their interests. Additionally, their long-standing tradition in their campus has narrowed their vision quite a bit leading the staff to rely on themselves rather than seek help or guidance from other organizations such as the UC.
I love the teachers here on campus. The cafeteria food has gotten a lot better since my freshmen year and I believe that the school does a great job in making sure that their students' needs are met.
The teachers care about their students and the programs are good. There are many elective courses to choose from. However, this is a poor community and some of the students are associated with gangs and drugs.
Merced High school is a very great school but there are definitely some flaws on the campus that should be addressed. The food can at times be untasteful and while the teachers are good some of their methods tend to be old-fashioned and stale. Finally, the lack of parent involvement can be disturbing times and really need to be voiced into the community. Asied from these issues, the school has a charming campus and the grading system is very fair. The campus is culturally diverse and free of discrimination, a plus for any school age child and a relief for the parents.
I love this school. So many teachers are helpful, interested in their students and forwarding their education. Even the student population is very helpful, the student body mainly. Yes we do have quite a lot of kids that don't realize what we have here, throw it away, and make the student community a little toxic. But the school is really a great place. I've met so many great friends and people, students and teachers alike.
Coming to a new school is always a challenge in it self. Are the kids at the school open. Are the teachers willing to take time for a new student.
Well, I must say this going to Merced High has all the things of a great school. I have met some great kids here as soon as I arrived. The teachers Counselors and all the staff are GREAT. When you walk into the main office the person behind the desk always has a smile. They are ready to help and listen to your problem. My Counselor is the best. As I am getting ready to graduate. My time here has been something I will always remember.
I love the school spirit the students bring to football games, basketball games, and rallies. We really focus on getting everyone involved. We want to keep a safe, comfortable environment for everyone.
Merced High is a great school with great teachers however the campus itself could use some renovation. The spirit could also be better.
Merced High School is was founded in 1895 holding thousands of students year round. Going to Merced High School is an honor to me and most people because it's a hard school to get into. Being the foundered school out of all 6 high schools in our district shows how we have the most pride and strength of all others. I personally had an option, I could go to the high school that's a block away from where I live or go to 'MHS' which is home to scholars and champions. When it's put that way, we really don't have a choice. Our academic standards are set high compared to some other high schools, which prepares us for college. Teachers have a yearly review by the district to ensure there credibility is still valid in benefit to the students. Diversity has strengthened in our school compared to the past where there were categorized groups. Staff Officials ensure us to be College Readiness by providing us information of what we have done, what we have to do, and what will be upcoming.
Overall I like Merced High, the teachers are very good and try to push you towards that next level of education. The administration, however, is somewhat strict towards the kids, one of the down puts of Merced High. The diversity in this school is very good we have students of all races and backgrounds. Merced tries to push you to be the best you can be, which is very helpful towards getting to that next level. I am glad to be part of the graduating class of Merced High School.
It has very good and kind staff. Teachers and administrators listen to you whenever you need to talk to them.
I loved going to Merced High. Merced High is in a small town so there is a lot of history and community that supports the school which makes sports and other activities involving the school fun.
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Everyone seems very friendly and nice. It combines both technology and writing. There are a lot of clubs and welcoming people in the clubs. Very involved and sprites.
What I like about Merced High School is that everyone is so involved. Also everyone makes me feel at home and safe. The spirit in the school makes me want to be more involved.
My experience has been pretty good, the teachers and opportunities are good and their is great school spirit.
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