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I liked how they work with their students. It's a very friendly and has a home feeling. The teachers and students all have a great relationships, everyone knows everybody. No one is really looked at as different and each teacher is willing to help you as much as they can. Rather if it's because of home reasons or just any type of personal reason. Mentorship STEAM Academy.
Mentorship Academy is a great school since the first day I went there my freshman year. I would recommend many kids to come to Mentorship because it makes school more fun and makes you want to go to school. And all of the teachers are very nice and will do their best to help you understand everything they’re teaching.
Mentorship for me has been a great school to attend. The learning and hands on lessons are phenomenal. The teachers all willing to stay late and even work on weekends to make sure you understand what's been taught. There is honestly no school in Baton Rouge better than Mentorship Academy. I wish I would've start there my 9th grade year.
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I like the majority of the teachers at Mentorship Academy. They really do care and help a ton when it comes to understanding the material we are set to learn, and they try their hardest with every task given. If a student needs it, they are allowed tutoring for almost any subject every Tuesday and Wednesday, with provided food and transportation. The lunches everyday are nothing short of impressive and no one is left hungry on the staff’s account. Although there are aspects of this school that I really would wish didn’t exist, there are many other aspects that make me stay here.
Learning mentors provide support and guidance to help school pupils who are experiencing difficulties in learning due to social, emotional or behavioural problems. Learning mentors help pupils overcome behavioural, social or emotional problems that are affecting their learning.The knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. A mentor may share with a mentee (or protege) information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling
I like how the school motivates the students to want to do better. I also like how if you have an issue with someone or something you can go to anyone for advice on how to move forward.
During my years at attending Mentorship Academy I have develop skills that would help me best for college. They taught me time management is key yo success both in and out the books. I love the teachers there. They were very concerned about my future and made sure I had the tools I needed. However, I was they give some students alternative ways to be successful other than college.
What I liked about Mentorship Academy is that the teachers want to see you be successful and they push you to be a better person. However I would like to see a change in how athletes are treated
This school is good especially in learning. I would like to see more parent involvement and school spirit.
My experience at Mentorship Academy as great my first two years. The first year the school was laid back and they weren't as strict. THe second year they started to put a little more pressure on us because i was a sophomore and we had three EOCs. THen my junior year they started to do a bunch of things differently. They stopped doing extra things because the students wouldn't participate be cause they thought the activities were boring, which they were. But they claim that we have to act our age and be responsible but they won't let us. Our teachers have to come get us from breakfast in the mornings. They treat the seniors like children.
Mentorship Academy is an AMAZING school. The teachers, administrators, and staff look out in the best way for students. There's no issue with building relationships with your teachers because their always there.
It is a good school.The education has gotten better over the years.I love being apart of the mentorship academy family.I have grown over the years and love being part of it.
The experience that I've had Mentorship Academy of Digital Arts has been an exciting and life changing one. The school overall is a pretty decent school and has come a long way. The school is safe and nothing bad or too crazy happens. The two most important things I will never forget are my friends and the teachers that have supported me during the years I've been attending the school. Some of the teachers are really cool and will work with you to get where you need to be and do well. The students, more specifically the Class of 2017, are cool people to be around and I will miss every single last of them. I would say overall, my high school experience here has been a pretty good one and I would never forget the school and cherish the many memories of it.
Mentorship Academy is the best highschool i ever attended. The teachers are very helpful without question. My principal, Mr. Webb, is amazing. He's aware of everything and he actually get to know you as a person. I love everything about Mentorship.
It's extracurricular activities are a great way for the students to open up.
Most students that attend have much in common weather it be athletic abilities, intelligence levels, and etc.
They make sure we are safe.
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The extracurricular activities offered at the school gives the students many opportunities to excel.
If I could go back to my 8th grade year I wouldn't choose any other school because Mentorship has brought me out of my shell. Because of the outstanding programs it's opend up opportunities for not only me but other students as well. Going to this school has been the best experience of my schooling that I've ever had.
All staff and teachers of Mentorship academy are well trained. They prepare us to be college ready and intelligent students.
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