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I like how the teachers help you try to succeed and how they have many different clubs. I would like them to have more fun pep rally's and decorate or do something more creative on special occasions.
I have made a lot of new friends. There is though quite a lot of vaping in the school. I would say that they have a great education though. Most of the teachers are also nice as well, but are there to help you learn,
My experience at Mentor High School has been beneficial, I have been continuously prepared for college and the real life world. The teachers reach out to the students and reassure their learning is being followed at a good pace. Teachers at Mentor understand that sometimes you aren't going to understand right away but they want to help you understand eventually. The principles and administrators work to keep the school a safe and functioning environment in which we can learn without distractions.
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I really enjoy Mentor High School, a lot of the students and teachers there are really nice and helpful. Every year the school has made adjustments to their academics and ways of running the school system to improve schooling for the students. Mentor has a lot to offer and is typically good when asking questions for you when you need help or assistance. Our athletic and academic teams are really good along with our coaches and teachers. If there is one thing that could make Mentor High better, it would be if the counselors could be a little bit more helpful or informative, sometimes that is lacking but like I said earlier, for the most part Mentor High is an amazing school with very kind and helpful staff.
Mentor High School was a great High School. It prepared me for college through a variety of AP classes. My greatest experiences at Mentor High were through its awesome marching band and music program.
I personally really enjoy the atmosphere of Mentor High School. The student body is very nice to one another and the administration is fantastic. There is a wide variety of school activities to participate in; the school is also fantastic at preparing its students for college.
Upgraded a lot of their facilities and teachers really do care. Work load is manageable. Everyone is really friendly. The teachers push you to do your best and they do prepare you for college. They want to see you succeed
The school needs to have more security in that it is a very large school. There should be more thought in the food that is served. Teachers need to stop favoring sports players.
I just graduated with the 2018 class, and I just have to say Mentor High was a great school they offer so much and its just a great environment. I have read some of the reviews and i must say in all my 4 years at the school I was never bullied and I never joined any sports and never was apart of any clubs, and the students and staff are all so supportive I have never once seen someone upset and not have someone there next to them to help them. There’s also a lot of diversity between the students being there’s the Athletes, LGBTQ community, the academics, the populars, those who are apart of all the groups, and so many more. The only problem I really know of is the music wing really is neglected it needs some serious help like SERIOUS HELP. But other than that its a great school.
P.S the lunch food may not be 5 star restaurant worthy but its a school feeding like 2,000 people a day but has some great options
Mentor schools faculty makes each and every one of their students their main priority. Most of the teachers care about their student's success and do their best to prepare all students for college. Mentor has an excellent music and art department and all of the teachers are passionate about their jobs. Also, there are numerous sports teams and clubs so that everyone can find a place at Mentor High and be involved in something enjoyable.
Mentor High School offers many academic programs to enrich your learning experience. There are also many chances to get ahead with college credit plus programs and many clubs to join to help interact with many people. One thing I would like to see change, however, is the science department. It was very weak and not well taught and I wish I had a better learning experience in that area.
I attended MHS when they began remodeling the school with new furniture and classroom designs. For me, this was a strange change when only one of my classrooms had been renovated, but as more contained the new furniture, I really enjoyed it. The lower chairs, lower tables, and couches really helped following my hip surgery, as sitting in class was more comfortable and caused less pain in my recovering hip.
I liked Mentor High school for several reasons one is its got great teachers and staff who are always whiling to help out the students either with school work or problems of any kind. Another reason I liked Mentor was the school activities such as sports programs and clubs to help students socialize and network with each other in the school community by getting involved. Though what I did not like was some of the academic program they had. The reason being is I wish they taught about more about finance and life skills to better prepare us for the real world. Examples would be signing a regular check, doing taxes, and overall being able to support yourself.
Mentor high school has given my children so many opportunities. There AP offerings are numerous and my daughter was able to take the AP seminar and research which is only offered at some schools across the U.S. extracurricular activities are numerous from clubs to band and sports. There is something for every to student to be involved with.
Mentor High School has some wonderful opportunities. The school was very high tech and progressive. The education system was above average and the majority of the staff cared about the students and how to increase their overall satisfaction. Since I have graduated, the school has been updated even more and has taken strong measures to protect students and to involve them with community work which I think is very important. I was in the Lake County school system my whole life and I had a very good experience. The only thing I would change about Mentor High School is funding for the Arts and Music. Sports was their major focus, as an avid music lover I would love to see that.
This school had tons of clubs and activities so no matter what your interests you could fine other people like you to truly feel like you belonged.
My favorite thing about Mentor High School is the availability of opportunities to take rigorous coursework and participate in clubs that suit my interests. Most of the teachers here take pride in helping students and actively putting effort into their classes. Everybody has ample opportunity to work towards success in a positive learning environment.
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Mentor High School is a good school and a great city. It has mostly wonderful modern facilities, including a huge auditorium and huge classrooms conducive to blended learning. However, despite all this, some areas of the building are neglected, like the music wing where the ceiling leaks water whenever it rains. When it comes to sports, clubs, and academics, Mentor has so many opportunities for everyone, and odds are you'll be able to find something you like. However, the student culture is relatively cliquey, and although members of specific clubs are supportive of each other, many groups are not supportive of one another. All in all, Mentor has been a very good high school experience, and the school only continues to improve in every way.
While the overall college readiness and academic preparation were fantastic, the school lacks diversity and the large population makes it difficult to ensure that students receive an education that they care about.
Altogether, Mentor High School is a pretty good school. There are a billion and one classes to learn from and there are a lot of clubs and activities to get involved in. The teachers are generally really nice. As you get older, they get more relaxed. The other staff are pretty great as well. There are security guards and officers to help you feel more secure. You can make a lot of friends here as well. There are over 600 students in the graduating class of 2018 alone. The food is really great. The lunch ladies put so much time into the food they gives us and it definitely comes through. There are some things that aren't as tasty but there are so many other options to choose from besides the main lunch. Personally, I've had some good and bad experiences with this school but I still have fun and learn more than I thought I would. This school ended up being my escape from my past schools and I'm glad that I got to experience it. Though, our bathrooms need more refills on toilet paper.
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