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Mentor Christian School Reviews

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It’s a great learning environment and the vibe is good. The teachers are helpful and the parents are well involved. The students show great potential and are bright.
My overall experience at Mentor Christian School was pretty good. I had great teachers who teach the word of God through any subject, and they actually care about their students. The atmosphere is small, which i liked the best. Going to a bigger school always overwhelmed me, but MCS is great. You knew everyone in the whole school, and it made it more like a community rather than a school.
Teachers and staff are super helpful and have been trained to support any struggling learners. They go out of their way to help with educational needs and personalize a learning plan. They even offer a personal tutor one hour per week for any student who feels they need extra attention. Felt welcomed by teachers, staff and students.
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Nurse on campus, lock down enforced, monthly drills for fire, no bullying policy and very handicapped accessible campus.
Only thing I would like to see added is art
Smaller student to teacher ratio gives the students the ability to excel academically. Teachers love for the Lord gives a family atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else. Great music and sports opportunities. This school is a hidden gem in Lake County!
Loving environment. Treat students like they were their own children. Engaging classroom. Fun activities. Give extra help when a student needs it.
In terms of teaching the Bible, the teachers and other staff are very concerned and proficient in their job of providing Christian education. I like this very much; however, I would not attend this school again. The classes and education quality could definitely be better for some classes, and the school ends up offering online classes as options to make up for that (which is a good effort on their part). The students are surprisingly more judgmental and closed-minded than you would expect at a Christian school. I have had some fun experiences/school activities that I enjoyed, but overall I would've probably gone to a bigger school for the sake of better education and organization.
I would attend MCS over again because of the family-like atmosphere. Since it is so small, I only had 8 students in my class. We were honestly like family. Also, the teachers care about us like their own children, and since there are small classes, we get one-on-one teaching a lot of times. Even students who are not of the same religion love this school because of how much the teachers care. Yes, it would be nice to go to a big school, but I love MCS. My Senior D.C. trip was the highlight of my 13 years there. My class bonded and it was just a blast.
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