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Menomonie Highschool is a pretty average school, academics are average in my opinion, and there are many different classes available. As for diversity, the school is predominantly white, but Menomonie itself isn't too diverse in the ways of race. There are a ton of clubs at Menomonie so it will be easy finding something you like. We have pretty great teachers from my experience, and we all have school sprit.
the teachers are great, most of them would bend over backwards to help students out, others would spend that extra time so that the entire class would get the lesson right.
In my high school, I loved how much everyone cared for one another. There was hardly any bullying and a lot of students would stop the bullying themselves. One think that wasn't so great at my school is how focused they were on sports. That was the main event, and being in the art and theatre scene myself I felt there wasn't a whole lot of appreciation for the arts and that's something I wish I could change.
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Menomonie High school is a very good school. This is because of the teachers and the help that you receive from the staff. I could not have asked for a better high school to attend.
It was like a stereotypical high school. Some of the teachers brought down my experience just because they don't like their jobs. Overall besides my grade and the teachers, it is a good school. The principal isn't a very nice man at all. He only seems to care when someones there to watch him. Also, throughout my high school career there were four threats on the school.
Terrible School. There are a few smart kids but the average intelligence level is pretty low. Most of the teachers know their stuff but some of them are very bad at transferring this knowledge to the students. For the most part, the teachers care about us and help us succeed but there are a few that do not. Many of us do not feel very safe due to a number of fights that go on in the school (enough to have a dedicated Instagram page), not to mention the above average level of bomb threats. If you have a choice, go find another school.
I've had a good experience at Menomonie High Scool. The teachers are very well trained and care about our learning. What I like about my school is that they care about everyone having and education and negotiate with our needs to be the best students we can be. What I would like to see change in Menomonie High School is our technology. Just this year we went one-on-one so everyone got lap tops. I feel like we should use paper for more assignments then online because we use to much technology on a daily basis.
It was a great experience and prepared me for my future life as a college student. I particularly appreciate the sports and activities that were offered.
Best school Ever!! great teachers and staff. They will fit your needs and education. The Student here are very kind and you will right away fit in with a group. If you have a disability they will meet that need. Very easy to get around school. There is a lot of love shown in the district and the super tainted,
The school does a pretty good job of keeping it's students safe, however we do face somewhat frequent threats, such as school shooting/bomb threats.
The extracurriculars at Menomonie High are pretty excellent, especially the athletics. The only shortfall is the theater and arts programs, because they don't receive nearly as much funding as the athletic departments.
There is a large portion of teachers at Menomonie High School that genuinely care about the well-being of their students and are clearly knowledgeable in their subject areas, but there is also a small population of teachers who fail to accommodate their students and, in some cases, lack knowledge in their subjects.
Menomonie high school has always been a very safe school, and extreme safety measures are not often required.
While the football program is doing great many of the clubs are underfunded.
I had always felt that i was not challenged enough so some times I would slack off because I would become bored.
Most of the teachers at my school were often known for going above and beyond their required responsibilities, but there were some that did often slack of or seemed not to care.
I believe that many of the parents were not given as many opportunities to be involved as they would like to. Especially during later years.
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Many of the teachers I had I did not enjoy. Especially during my high school years.
For me, I believe that our school is quite safe. However, I have chosen to surround myself with positive influences and take more AP courses. This means that I don't often see things like this - my friends are mostly quite athletic and focused on academics, and most students doing drugs and getting drunk don't often attempt AP courses.

As far as I am aware, there are several programs available for students to reach out for health if they so choose. I personally feel safe at school, but I'm sure there are others who would strongly disagree with that statement.
I think that all of our teachers here at Menomonie High school are very knowledgeable about their various subjects, be it math, science, english, or anything else. However, while they have the knowledge, some teachers have a hard time communicating and teaching or showing the class exactly what they mean. For example, I'm sure that our math department is all very good at math - they do all seem to know what's going on - but that does not guarantee that they are good at TEACHING math.

The staff is great and understanding when it comes to things like staying after school, coming in early, or finding extra time during the day to give students extra help. When students don't understand things properly, the staff is there to help them along.
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