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Menomonee Falls High School Reviews

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Nice course options, but teachers overwhelm students with homework and tests. Need more opportunities for students to show improvement.
I enjoy the different classes that they offer that will let you explore many different career paths.
Some AP courses were not offered consistently. Administration was sometimes hard to reach, other times a bit clueless. Advising, health and food service staff were exemplary. Teachers were usually quite good.
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Menomonee Falls High School provided a well-rounded and rigorous education that was the perfect preparation to become a successful college student.
I like the accepting attitude of the school holistically. The staff show their compassion and interest in their students' lives. I appreciate the flexibility of the staff when students desire to take action or let their voices be heard. I would change the parking spot policy though.
We are a fine school; however there are a lot of places for improvement. The clubs are underfunded, but they are still great.
Academies (business, STEM, healthcare) created to help students identify their interests and to provide readiness for college.
It is like any other high school, nothing really special about the school. Wastes money on stupid things and asks for more. Also sports fee's are way too high and the school itself is kind of hard to make friends, but good teachers. Lots of good clubs also.
Entering my senior year, I'd say my experience at Menomonee Falls High School has been pretty good. The teachers are great and the administration does a solid job. There are many courses offered to get students ready for college.
Being at the Menomonee Falls High School was a very good school to attend. All of the teachers are very good with communication to students & the faculty is amazing in general. There were rumors about them taking away some electives like Foods and Art classes, if these were to go away, many people would be upset with the school because those classes interest many students. Besides that point, the Menomonee Falls High School has a great environment and deserves five stars for caring about their students & the education they receive.
I really enjoyed the short time I spent at this school. The staff members played such a huge roll and how things flowed within the classroom environment. The students are all really friendly as well, and even though I did not know everyone they treated me as if I was one of their friends. If there is one thing I would like to see more in this school it would be more diversity. I graduated from a high school that was very diverse and I strongly believe that children should be exposed to diversity because a lot can be learned from other cultures; for example, tradition and even beliefs and morals.
No funding outside of sports so students get few clubs and activities with many sports to try instead
teachers care a lot but administration is not fun
I love the vast variety of choices. They try to get everyone involved and enjoying something. There are endless amounts of clubs and classes. The different career academies help to build on possible career goals. Majority of the teachers are very caring and personable. Although the good outweighs the bad, I would still like to see more options for clubs, more career related classes, and more freedom for the students. I would like to see a courtyard to enjoy lunch in during the warmer days. In addition, I would also like to see a more caring and concerned counseling center.
Very academically rigorous, many AP classes. Good sports and activities after school. Great teachers. Lots of falls pride.
I graduated from Menomonee Falls High School in 2016. This is an excellent school. The teachers and staff genuinely care about the students and they are there to help when you need them. The school isn't very diverse, but everyone for the most part feels welcome. The school is very sports-orientated and a great deal of students participate in sports. Although this is a great school, there is room for improvement considering diversity and safety.
I enjoy school and learning, however I feel that there is too much standardized testing. It not only takes away from my time in class but it doesn't match students to the right classes. In order to be placed in some classes or have certain opportunities, a number is required and not all students have that. Testing doesn't measure intelligence, it doesn't know that we're kind or hardworking, or play a sport or instrument. It is just a number.
Menomonee Falls High School. Where do I even begin? There are so many wonderful things to be said about my high school. First of all, the academics are absolutely phenomenal. MFHS ranks very high nationally in a majority of our extra circulars such as FBLA and our band. Menomonee Falls High School is dedicated to their students success. My experience at MFHS has been wonderful. This is an amazing school with numerous opportunities to excel and stand out on a national level.
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There are a lot of after school activities, mostly sports, but also things like art, NBLA, and more
The parents are supportive mostly for athletics. You don't see much of parents if it dosent have anything to do with that
The teachers are all nice and approachable
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