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Menominee Indian High School Reviews

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Our safety is one of the main priorities at our school. We have staff and police officers in our building to keep track of students and to make sure nothing gets out of hand.
Our school has a variety of clubs and organizations for kids that attend here. You have sports you can join and clubs you can attend.
My overall experience at this school is incredible. I had more good times than I did bad! At this school you learn good social skills and our culture ways. Being Menominee is a privilege and honor and being able to learn our language and culture in our school is amazing. The teaching staff is helpful and friendly. The kids there may not always be friendly but most are. Once you get to know them, you realize your lucky to have them.
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The teachers at my school are helpful, friendly, and reasonable. They work great with the students and give good prime examples of the work being shown. They give additional help when needed and are always willing to listen to you.
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