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Menominee has great teachers who really care about students and their success. Many top administrators, though, do not care and are more concerned with bettering themselves than their teachers. There is no control for misbehaving students and the plans we have in place to handle them are very poor. We had both counselors and our principal quit before the start of my senior year, no one knows what to do. There were efforts made to find new people to fill these spots but most of this work has been handed to the secretary. The secretary, a parent of student, has shown clear favoritism to their child's friends and clear dislike and inconsideration to whom her child does not like. Overall average school, could be much much better, but somehow keeps getting worse.
The academics are okay but they could do better. Its below average.
Majority of the school is Caucasian and there is very little diversity but other ethnicities are accepted by other students.
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The extracurricular activities are nice but they need help with funding or a better money management process.
I would choose this school again if I had the chance because it was full of great kids and they had a positive impact on my life.
This school has a good athletics program and gives kids plenty of choices of extra curricular activities. The academics are doing well. Some of the teaching strategies can be improved upon and extra funding for extra curricular activities is needed. The people there are very kind and welcoming to newcomers.
We don't have a school nurse so teachers have to know more of what to do when something happens.
Key club, Tri-y, Spanish club, Tutoring, community service.
I love having pep assemblies to have a little fun with the teachers.
The teachers have good teaching techniques for the most part. Sometimes it would be better for the teachers to have more hands-on activities.
Going to football games gives everyone in the town a sense of community pride, so it's practically a must to attend but even if you don't quite fit in, they will make you feel at home at the games.
Classic foods for high schools alike. Beware of the meats, but there is always lots of non-perishable packaged fruits and veggies.
The dress code is extremely sexist toward women. Leggings, holes, slippers, tank tops, etc,. are not allowed, unless worn by the vice principal. The bullying policy is taken seriously but since its such a close knit community, some of the bullying remarks toward other students are interpreted as "jokes" to certain teachers.
The football team is worshiped but the other teams are supported as well. Depending on if your a male or female and which sport you participate in, then that's how your popularity is supported.
They honestly dedicate their time and efforts to improve you as a student.
Business Professionals is great with lots of staffing to support.

Varsity Cheerleading is the worse, its frowned upon to be a cheerleader so beware. If the athletic director wasn't sexist, competitive cheer would've been an option but for now, sideline only.

Many clubs require you to have at least 3/4 attendance to participate in some of the activities... for example, Art Club must go to 3/4 of the events if they want to take the trip to Chicago at the end of the year.
The bullying at the school s pretty bad people don't seem to care about other peoples feelings. The school is pretty safe as in physical bullying if you know how to handle your self or if your around people that have your back. Its the mental bullying that really gets most kids. Our school has no special security measures. Police officers come in every now and then and talk to us about bullying but it doesn't help I don't think. I don't think we have a school nurse. We have a health class I guess its okay I don't take that class
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The principle doesn't get involved in anything really mostly it the vice principle or the cops when things get really bad. The guidance counselors are really helpful and are always there to talk to you if you need help, and they try their best to help you without starting more drama.the office staff doesn't do anything at all besides sit on he computer and call people to the office. Bullying isn't tolerated but it still happens if somebody is caught bullying they're probably gonna be suspended or something like that. If you're late to school your parents are going to no about it and if you are late to many time privileges are taken away you can get detentions or suspensions
Some of the teachers are awesome, but the others aren't that great. Most of the teachers are very good at having the kids involved with class and what not.The teachers give you knowledge but some times to read it out of the book or try to do stuff yourself if you don't understand the teacher. Most of the teachers care about the students and will d as much as they can to help the student get a passing grade in their class
Some of the teachers at our school are great teachers, and the other teachers should just find something else to do with their lives. They have good but some of the teachers are teaching the wrong things. The scheduling process is pretty good, we get an hour a day for each class. I think some teachers give enough work and some teachers take it overboard with the work in class and the homework that they give us. Almost all the teachers stay after school so you can talk to them about staying after school for extra help. The most popular class are usually the class with the cool teachers it doesn't really matter what subject.
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