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I like going to Menno because I know all of the people in my class, can be involved in multiple activities, and the community is supportive. If I could change anything it would be the fact that our school and any school thinks grades are more important than actually learning. Overall, I really like my school and I hope it never closes because of the small size.
When I had to transfer schools, from Freeman to Menno, my sophomore year, I was super nervous that I wouldn't fit in and I wouldn't be able to make new friends. On my first day, both staff and students were more than willing to show me the ropes and made sure I knew where I was going throughout the day. After attending Menno High School, I couldn't imagine going to a different high school. The teachers make sure that you feel comfortable asking them any question. They are all very friendly and always ready to help you with your problems. It's a great administration.
The administration is fine, but our school has plenty of policies that just flat out don't make sense.
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Our community isn't diverse at all. The only difference between the students is that some are Reformed, some are Catholic, and some are Lutheran. Some students don't realize that not everyone is exactly the same.
Bullying isn't a big deal at this school since the students are all friends, but there is no school nurse because we have such a small student body.
This school worked well for me, but since it has a small enrollment some kids don't fit in as well. The small number of students allows the teachers to have time with each and every student individually. This really helps out students in the long run.
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