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The least diverse place I have ever seen. About five hundred fifty overachieving, white liberals who make for a toxic learning environment. The parking situation is horrific and, if you go here, you need to be prepared to pay the $45 fines for parking right off campus for more than two hours, which you will do in the inevitable situation where the student parking lot fills up too quickly. At Menlo, all of our students are aware of the term "grade deflation" and many believe that we would almost all go to better colleges if we had gone to just about any school that isn't Menlo.
Menlo School is a place of thinking, one of learning, and creativity. Students are actively challenged to pursue the best possible person they can be. Contributions of parents and community, make this school the thriving college preparatory school, that Menlo School is.
Menlo has no diversity, and was not a safe place for me. I felt bullied and harassed, I was not given academic freedom to pursue my own goals, and I hated the people there.

If you play sports, Menlo is a great school. But sports dominate everything and it makes it harder to participate in other activities. Sex ed is a joke, the freshman emotional learning class is terrible, and I spent high school miserable with no help from the administration.
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Menlo has offered me so many opportunities for exploration.

Just one example is Knight School, a week of experiential learning courses. I’ve explored California, learning about marine biology in a boat on the Channel Islands for a week, as well as Death Valley. All of these opportunities require so much trust, and Menlo is a community of total trust in students' integrity, which makes a huge difference.

In the classroom, I’ve explored all subjects with a unique joy that Menlo brings to learning. My math teacher brought cake and we had a full-fledged party when we learned the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Lastly, Menlo has helped me discover myself. I understand so much more about what matters to me and how I learn best. The Menlo community is incredibly caring, close-knit, and all my teachers have made efforts to know my classmates and me personally.
I am a current menlo student. People rave about the schools academics but it honestly depends on the teachers you get. For our final my class had to write a in class essay answer multiple choice and short answer questions while another class had multiple choice and short answer with an in class paragraph they got to bring and outline for. In sports it is clear that the leadership favors admitting kids for tennis volleyball as both teams are competitive for state championships yearly while football and basketball are left to suffer. Students are so spoiled they don't eat
the food we get and complained to the point that the adminisration decided to build a new cafeteria in the middle of the campus and hire a new chef. Part of the problem is the lack of overall diversity in campus. Every year menlo makes a point to somehow show the minorities at the school whether it be putting pictures of them in the front of the school or forcing them to be at open houses.
I would say the majority of the school participates in sports, due to the wide variety of options that students have, as well as the inclusive nature of most of the sports programs. While this is great, it also contributes to a lack of competitiveness in certain sports. I think the clubs are adequate, but don't garner quite as much attention as other school activities. The arts program is great and very inclusive as well. It provides many different opportunities to students with a wide variety of interests.
I think that parents are fare too involved in administrative activities and decisions at Menlo. While there are a lot of great parents involved in certain school activities, I would say most are far too controlling. They could be described as helicopter parents who are very overbearing of their children, and whenever their child does not succeed, whether that is in athletics or academics, the parents go straight to the administration to blame their child's failure on someone else. I think this parental attitude goes hand in hand with the affluence of the school, and families who attend Menlo. I would say that no teacher and especially no athletic coach is safe from the influence of a few powerful and misinformed parents, and their extreme desire for their children to succeed.
For the most part, all the teachers are very engaging and respectful of their students. All teachers set aside time for students to meet with them outside of class. Although the teachers can be exceedingly difficult, they do want all of their students to succeed, and they do what they can to make this happen. Regardless of the few inconsiderate teachers that every school has (Mr. Allard in particular), I would say the teaching staff is fantastic at Menlo.
The teachers are great but we don't learn much and we should have a bit more work.
I think that the teachers are great but we don't get enough work and we don't learn much. Some students kind of hold back the class which makes the class boring for others.
It is very safe to be on campus.
After school, I have enjoyed taking part in a robotics club and going to a lab in the high school with friends and making random things.
I have made many great friends and I would choose this school again without a second thought.
The teachers are knowledgeable and make class very interesting.
I really think the teachers are great. As an alumni, I am not there anymore, but I'm genuinely grateful for everything they have taught me--good and bad grades. Heading into college was really easy because I was so academically prepared. Working with counsellors is easy to schedule your classes though workload can be very challenging.
The teachers are amazing. I have heard some teachers have left recently and I am sad to hear that, but i hope that the new teachers will continue the same passion and care for students. With small classes, teachers really make an effort to know each individual student and while some teachers tend to have reputation for grading more harshly, I rememeber those were my favorite classes and teachers.
We have a student psychiatrist all the time and she is really sweet. More so, I would say that teachers really look out for the students to make sure they are doing well at home as well as in school. The athletics also has a trainer there for any injuries. They always have security as well here and there if you need them, otherwise the location is generally a very safe place and trusting of each other--students tend to leave their things out without fear of anyone stealing it.
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There is definitely a lot of opportunity for extracurriculars and to receive school funding. If there isn't a club for it already, it is very easy to make one! Some clubs are more popular than others, but the small ones I find are the most fun because you really become friends with those people. The teachers serving as advisors are always great and really are there because they want to be.
Even though Menlo is an open campus it is incredibly safe! Students feel safe enough to leave their backpacks open on the quad and no one steals anything. It is a very safe campus!
There are so many clubs and this school for all interests and all commitment levels! Most clubs meet at lunch so that they don't conflict with athletics or arts after school which allows Menlo students to participate in everything.
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