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I thought the classes were very invigorating, but the school is in desperate need of change. There is so much self segregation and discouraging of children to take higher level classes. There was a definite divide you could see in the more advanced classes, most of the children in the AP classes were white and from good middle schools, and at most 2 or 3 kids of color. Thankfully, I was able to go to a good middle school which prepared me to take on more advanced classes, but many of other people of color in the area, including some of my family members, were not, and unfortunately were only allowed to take the lower level classes, which would detriment their chances of getting into better universities.
Very diverse and inclusive community. Teachers are very involved and care about you as more than a student but also a person. Great academics and athletics!
Menlo-Atherton is a large school so I feel like it doesn't really have a unifying culture. There isn't a lot of school spirit in general. The teachers that I have had are mostly all very good. I Have had a couple teachers who don't seem to care but for the most part I have enjoyed M-A.
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Great faculty there that can help you in want you need. Rallies are fun and very creative. A chance to know new people.
Menlo Atherton is a very unique high school. Although it is very diverse with many different types of students, it can be very segregated which is clear when walking around at lunch. The teachers there definitely get better as you grow older, but I have had many average and decent teachers- only one or two I really loved learning from. The school itself has gotten some remodeling, but still much of the school is very dirty, especially the bathrooms.
An amazing school with dedicated teachers. Great AP classes and strong academics. New facilities are great.
It was high school, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. They did make the landscape look better the last time I visited, so hopefully everything also improved. The teachers were kind and helpful, but I don't feel I was college ready when I graduated (then again, I wasn't in any of the AP classes, I got by with normal classes). I still appreciate what they offered and did for me.
I would like to see more culturally diverse classes the school its self is diverse but most classes are not.
This school had great teachers and a very helpful staff. All of teachers were passionate about the subjects they taught and always willing to answer questions after class. The staff was very well informed and able to assist students with school and college planning matters.
High quality public high school, great college prep without falling trap to over-pressuring students or hand-holding. Despite great programs and resources dedicated to bridging the gap between underprivileged students and others, the unfortunate "two schools in one" stereotype still rings true.
I loved that Menlo-Atherton High School was able to prepare its students for college with its various programs, such as AVID. Some classes still need to be more diverse.
Great public high school with probably the most economic diversity in the US. Students are "tracked" but the ones on the collegiate academic track are pushed hard with rigorous AP and AS academics. Students entering on the remedial track are supported and steered to stronger academics. Despite huge disparities, 95% of the graduating students go on for post-secondary education. Sports, the arts and technical education are also strong, with regional and state champions both athletically and in the performing arts/debate.
I came to Menlo Atherton as a senior in high school. When I first stepped onto campus I immediately knew that this was a good school. Besides the lack of diversity (significantly more white students) and the bad lunches and lunch lines, the school is good.
M-A is very diverse which means you can connect with students from all different backgrounds. If you take advanced courses (honors and AP) you will be academically challenged, but in regular (non-advanced classes) there is not as much focus on academics and students will often be off-task and not paying attention. Most of the teachers at M-A are very good and like to engage with their students.
There is an amazing supportive atmosphere. All teachers want their students to succeed and for the most part everyone gets along with each other.
Menlo-Atherton is a fun high school and the teachers are, for the most part, involved and motivated by the curriculum and the future success of their students. Although the school has a diverse population, the diversity is not well distributed throughout advanced courses.
Menlo-Atherton is a diverse yet segregated school, with a range of academic experiences. It's difficult to review because in many ways it contains more than one school within it - some kids are loaded with high-pressure courses and extracurriculars while others just skate by. I think M-A has a wonderful variety of supports and resources to help kids succeed, but needs to do a better job of integrating kids from different backgrounds and minimizing the high stress culture.
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I have really enjoyed being a student at M-A. As a four-year varsity volleyball player, I have developed an appreciation for MA athletics and the culture surrounding it. The other students, teachers, and staff are very supportive of our school's athletes and their goals inside and outside of the classroom. Menlo-Atherton will forever be close to my heart and will be a place where I made lasting friendships with my teammates, other athletes, my coaches, and staff.
My experience at Menlo-Atherton is average. It is a good school with a lot of students and teachers. The classes are very good. There are a few teachers that need to be fair and understanding of students. The sport games are fun and exciting to go to. I wish that there are more activities at school with student involvement. The more activities will make everything fun. There should be more field trips to make it more exciting. Overall, it is a very good school.
What I really like about Menlo Atherton HS is all of the student support that is offered and the great school spirit activities. One of the most helpful support areas at MA is the college and career center; the counselor is great and always available to help students with anything related to the college process. The school spirit activities are also an integral part of MA. The various student run activities throughout the year include selling delicious food, student bands playing at lunch, club rush, and spirit groups at sporting events. These activities really bring MA together more as a community.
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