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Menifee County High School Reviews

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Menifee County High School has a welcoming community in which people find is very adept in the art of relieving stress. This is an especially good quality in school for the simple fact that class can be found rather stressful. Even though Menifee is said to be in the state of dilapidation, it's harmonious culture makes up for it. In summary, when you walk in to Menifee, you may see a worn down school, but if you just take a look at the pictures on the walls of past classes or the inspirational quotes hanging on the walls, you'd see the true beauty in Menifee's culture.
The staff are great, but the system needs a lot of work. Although I have a good opinion of the teachers, I think the disciplinary stands aren’t that great and the courses, in my opinion do not do well in preparing students for higher education.
All of the teachers at MCHS are very nice, and many care for you on a personal level. If things ever get out of hand teachers are right there to help. The new principal is absolutely amazing, he talks to every student he can and supports every single one of us to the best of his ability. Simply put he is the best principal MCHS has ever had. He alone has made my senior year here the best one yet.
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The principal truly cares about the students and the teachers care a lot too, great changes are being made
Too much emphasis is placed on athletics instead of academic, but sadly we lose every game we play. The focus is not helping students it is about image. Recently two of our students committed suicide over the summer due to bullying by student athletes; however, nothing was done. It is sad when lives do not matter, but the image portrayed does. Some teachers do try to help but the students are disrespectful and it only hurts the students who want to learn and be successful in life.
More sports!! Definitely. Great place, great people. A great environment for students who hate big schools. The perfect size for a great learning community. Many kids here are always happy and everyone is always there for each other. Many great club opportunities!!
This school district was known for having something a little less than pleasant but with the help of all the staff they were able to turn it into something that I really wanted to send someone to.
We use to have a school officer but funds ran out
We are limited on funds
Have been with a lot of positive influences
Most go above and beyond
They only seem to like some of the kids they teach and the ones they don't like all that much they don't care about there education
I think it's somewhat safe but it could be better, but then again we have a small county where nothing much happens.
The main thing at this school is basketball, you're either a ball player or you're just another student.
FFA was the best thing for me at this school. I probably wouldn't chose this school again because I don't like many things about this place.
Most teachers are great with everythings, others not so much.
There is more of athletic interest than all others
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It could be better, but I'm getting an education
My school is an okay school. Because when i moved here in the sixth grade i met new friends that were nice and the teachers were sweet.
I like this school because of the small population. The teachers can work with you 1 on 1, which allows you to better understand the academics being taught. I do wish they had a football team, but they do have basketball, soccer, golf, softball, and etc.
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