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Mendota Township High School District No. 280 Reviews

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I was highly involved in the music department, Interact club, tennis, Spanish club, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and more! I found the facilities and food to be exactly what I would expect from a well-functioning high school. I also strongly feel that we were given the tools and time needed to perform well on the SAT, and other required exams. MHS did a fantastic job of preparing us, whether we said we wanted it or not. Additionally, the variety of clubs that were offered was a huge plus for me. For a school of roughly 600 students, the options are vast! I appreciated the system that is in place requiring coaches and club sponsors to split time evenly if there is a conflict.
Mendota High School was a great place! Everyone there is very helpful and will help you with anything. The teachers there truly care about how you do in their class and the 4 years there was amazing, I was I could go there for one more year. Also the food is excellent and the administration does a great job of keeping the rules in place and was to make Mendota High School and great experience!
Great school! Teachers and administration are there for the students. The classes really prepared me for college and beyond.
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Both my kids went to Mendota high. They are both in college and I feel the high school prepared them well for this next step.
Was very involved at MHS in both sports and other extra curricular. Teachers and administration cared about their students.
I liked the teachers. Most of them were good teachers and people. My favorite teachers were definitely Mr. Gehm and Mr. Wohrley. Great people and teachers. They have specific ways of teaching and getting their points across but they are effective.
Overall the experiences we have had at Mendota High School have been good. I think some of the teachers could be re-evaluated. There are teachers that have been there for some time and I think have lost the overall interest of what is needed for the students. Unfortunately there is limited involvement with the parents. I think if there was more support from the parents it could elevate the interest in sports and extracurricular activities. As I stated overall I think my daughter has done well at Mendota; however there is always room for improvement :)
At Mendota township High School, there are many things that I enjoyed. For example, some of the things that I enjoyed was the music department and the choir department. The environment of those two departments were what made the school my home away from home. The sense of connection made me feel like I belonged. If the whole school was like that then I believe that everyone would actually enjoy going to school.
Mendota High School was great if you are in the honors and college prep courses. Teachers who taught those classes created a college-esque setting which was more conducive to my learning and overall preparedness for the outside world.

The sports were only okay, the males received much more coaching and help than the females and I can say that after having participated in three sports every year. Also, there was a lot of mismanagement in the athletics department.

The pulley system was invented my junior year to cease hazing and bullying but really didn't make a difference. Before the system, the seniors were rude to the underclassman and made a lot of lives miserable. After the pulley system, the underclassman stomped on the upperclassman. There really is no winning either way, but I don't believe that is the system's fault.

The administration is fantastic though! I have never had any problems with them and they treat every case with utmost respect and politeness.
I enjoyed the positive attitude and the continual words of encouragement. For me this high school felt like home and I was able to try new things and experience new things.

The only thing I would change is the fact that this wonderful school sometimes had limited resources due to it's size.
Mendota Township High School is by far one of the worst schools I've seen for minorities. Countless students and teachers have said things that are discriminatory against Latinos. It's disgusting seeing how nobody in the school acknowledges how much racism is in the school. The teachers are awful here too. Unless you're in honors classes, you're not going to get a good teacher. I feel like the school favors honors students over the other students. I feel like the honors students are the only ones who are actually being prepared for college.
They should offer more electives and the principal and assistant principal should not have favorites.
Everyone who enters the school must have an ID (on at all times). If you are visiting, you must first go to the business office (the next set of doors that lead into the school will be locked) and explain your purpose. Then, signing in the principal's office is required. Any student or visitor who wants to leave must also sign out as well. Security cameras are up in all hallways of the school.
My high school has time and time again been described as being "courteous" and "respectful" not only within itself, but in associating with other schools as well. If I had to go through high school all over again, I would not change schools because of the laid-back and supportive environment. The counselors have always guided me in giving advice about classes and career options.
No school can really be defined as being "the best" but when discussing my high school, it is most definitely great! Our new "pulley system" focuses on everyone in the school helping each other out in order to achieve. With it being in a small town, everyone knows everyone so I believe that pushing this point of view has helped other students realize what it means to be empathetic. The teachers put their heart into this attitude in the sense of applying it in the classroom as well. With my experiences, no teacher has ever truly given up on a student that wants to overcome an obstacle in the class. The tutors are always there to provide support. Participation was becoming more of a requirement in a lot of classes too. It was said that by doing so, more students will be more comfortable in engaging in speeches and acquire better social skills.
It is similar to every other school.
It was a fun time that went by quickly.
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After graduation, it became something that I missed.
The school issues random drug test and soft lockdowns so we have a clean facility
Students always get super involved and support the schools teams very well
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