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My overall experience at Mendota High School was good. I really like that Mendota High school offered online courses, had AP and honors classes. Something I would like to change is the food given. I believe that the food served was not the best quality for the students.
What I did like was how wide open the school was and how friendly the teachers were. The teachers would interact with us, the students, as if we were their friends. But, once it came to it, the teachers would work us off with homework. One thing that could be improved is the organization. Some students don't know where a certain building is and they cut in line during lunch whenever no teacher is looking.
I enjoy the school at Mendota High School due to Mendota being a small town and the population being 11,418. Essentially everyone knows each other, It's convenient because there are no forms of diversity [hispanics only] and is a sanctuary town for immigration. At my school the teachers are well informed in what they know. The school itself is 99% hispanic and I appreciate the clubs that are offered. The facilities are semi-new and well maintained.
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I attended Mendota High School as a Senior and a Junior. I graduated in 2015. What i disliked most about this school was how unprepared I felt when I went to college.
This school offers many students the ability to progress on their English abilities in and out of school. The campus is very safe and sanitary. Sports are well-improving.
Mendota High School is an amazing school when it comes to motivating students. Their athletic program is amazing and it is full of very positive thinking people.
For my first year in High School I would say that it has been a really great experience for me.The way that High School is a great experience for me is because I got to see some of my friends that were already in High School.Also I got to make new friends as well. The things that I would change at my school would have to that every student would not have to pay for their food.
I am a Senior at Mendota highschool and through out my years I have seen the school change little by little. We got a new principle this year who inforces dress code on a whole new level. You are not able to bring pajamas, wear red, bring slippers, wear beanies that do not have the school logo, bring blankets to school or wear Fresno State aperale which is the University most of the students go to. The lunch they hand out is not the best. We lack in diversity because 90% of the towns population is Hispanic which sucks because I would like to learn about different cultures. We have improved a lot in our sports programs these past years, for example they now focus more on women's sports and not only worry about football. Also seniors are going to be able to leave for lunch which before we weren't able to do. They also expanded their AG programs. Overall it is a safe campus where parents don't have to worry about their kids getting hurt.
Having an experience at Mendota High School as an student, athlete, band member and FFA member was an experience that I would never forget. From my freshman to currently my senior year, I got to experience Friday Night Lights (football games) with our performing or marching band, marching band competitions, showing farm animals as an ffa member at a fair, happily helping out our community and many more. This school provided us, students to give the huge opportunity to take college courses and guide us to our future lives or careers. I’m one of those students who is currently taking college courses and everyday I'm grateful for this opportunity!
Our school isn't big on the safety issues do to the fact that we are such a small school in a small town that the safety issues you have in bigger towns just doesn't happen here.
Our school offers many extracurricular opportunities. We have from an anime club to a Political debate club to a barber club. We have a varity of clubs. The participation of the students is good because there is a good outcome at the clubs that students are involved in. every group of students have their own interest and their is a club for everyone of them.
My over all experience at this school has been great. I was one of the students that took advantage of all that my school did have to offer. I was very involved at my school. I was blessed enough to have a great relationship with my teachers and great communication with one another. My school is unique because the environment that we have flowing through the school makes it a more efficient school. And i'm not sure if i would want to attended this school again because all though I did enjoy the time I spent there I know there is other schools that would have benefit from more.
At my school there is a variety of teachers and with that comes different personalities and ways of teaching. Most of our teachers do really care about the students and are always available after hours to help with students that are falling behind. A good portion of our teachers are good quality teachers and have a good method when it comes to teaching. Unfortunately we do have those teachers that have been there for so long that they have just fallen into the same patterns. Most if not all of our teacher have great communication skills with their students.
Teachers at the schools are very helpful. They will take any ideas that you have.
I wish there were a lot more clubs and activities...there was hardly anything available. Wish we had better classes, especially ones we need like a reality class.
This school is definitely a work in progress. I feel it is getting worse, students are coming in and none of them seem devoted or even have the potential. I am very proud to be graduating already, because if I were with the classes behind me, I would not survive and would rather trade schools. So I would take the same school again, just because of my high school sweetheart. Not education wise.
The staff is okay. Some teachers are great and care, and some seem like they should not be there. I did learn as much as possible and not let the 4 years go to waste. So whatever I have learned from the teachers and their teaching, I grately appreciate.
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Nothing extremely dangerous occurred while I was in high school.
There's a need for diverse and educational clubs and activities. More college tours would be helpful to those students who are actually serious about attending college after graduating.
I graduated in 2014. I would choose to attend this school again because I would do things way differently. I wish there was more clubs available. However, everyone judges everyone from the way one dresses, their backpacks, the people one hangs out with. I do not miss being judged by others every single day...
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