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Mendon Middle/High School Reviews

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Mendon High School is a small community school with nice high-qualified teachers. MHS warmly welcomes every new student and international students too. Kids, who study there, have a chance to accomplish their goals, improve their skills in different kinds of sport, band and other clubs.

The most exciting part for me was doing sports. The cheerleading, track and basketball team and couches gave me an opportunity to open up and atart liking sports more and more.

Mendon High School has a really high quality of education. Teachers always know the way how to make their lesson interesting for students. They are always ready and happy to help everyone who struggles with certain subjects or has some questions.

Although, i think there's not a big diversity of food and school clubs.
The math and English courses are top of their game here, but many students here struggle to learn. In other words, the learning and teaching methods are not the greatest.
Being at Mendon is like being part of a really big family and you learn very important life lesson that well make you a better person and help you grow up
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My experience at Mendon Middle/High school has been amazing. I love the small school setting and how close knit the community is. I have strived in my academics and athletics. One thing I would encourage to change would be the diversity in our school.
Mendon Middle/High School is a very community-based, tight-knit school. Because of the smaller class sizes, you get all of the help you need and you can also be involved in practically every activity and extra-curricular that is offered.
The administration has let teachers go and selection of electives is dwindling. Classes are getting limited because of scheduling conflicts, whether because of lack of teachers or lack of choices.
There are not alot of selections to appeal to all interests.
My experience was a decent one. I got out of Mendon exactly what I put into it. I was young and school wasn't a priority in my life.
The school campus is nice. The building is in good condition, a millage was just passed for more upkeep and technology. The technology of the school is a struggle, they are part of a technology consortium and sadly, Mendon seems to be low in priority. It is common to go to the computer lab and have many of the computers unusable. The school is working on improving their college prep classes, but sadly the administration seems to think the best way to save money is to let teachers go. Therefore, the selection of electives is lacking.
Mendon has a variety of sports offered for girls and boys. Depending on the sport, the coaching level varies.
The teachers are doing the best they can considering that financial and administrative support is lacking. They are trying to keep moral positive and keep educating the students the priority.
Each year they have an anti-bullying assembly. They also bring in a special speaker in self-esteem.
At one time they had a salad bar, it was well liked. It was a huge disappointment when they took it out.
They could have prepared us for college or trade school better. Given us a broader view of what is available to us out in the real world.
The administration is absent and the principal is unsure how to do his job.
The school building is very nice and well kept.
They are really involved and well loved by the students.
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The sports get the majority of attention at this school. Other organizations are good but they lack the number of members they need to run smoothly.
I feel very, very safe at this school. There are a lot of security cameras. The only problem is I feel like people could come into the school and make it pass the office without being noticed.
The food is sometimes questionable on whether it is okay to eat or not.
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