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Mendocino High School Reviews

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Mendocino High School is a great school if you are a student who adores community and involvement. The experience Mendocino High offers is truly dependent on the effort you put into your education. This school gives students the opportunity to express themselves through many different means, and that is something I personally love. However, as a senior going through the college process, I do not feel on the right track or supported by my counselor. Teachers are fairly easy going and have young fresh opinions. The sports are very fun, but we are a division 6 school and don't even have a football team. Find yourself at mendo high and you'll experience high school like no other.
Overall a very supportive and safe environment to learn, grow, and socialize. On the smaller side, but because of it it's a very close community and relations between teachers and students are strong.
Mendocino high provided a positive educational experience that focused on core classes but also sustainability and green practices. They also provide a large amount of art, drama, and music classes essential for creativity.
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Mendocino high school is a great school to attend. Teachers are always friendly and offer a warm hand to students who need help. The students are a tight knit community and love to help each other out. Everyone is talented in unique ways. Since Mendocino is so small, everyone knows everyone. This gives the students and the teachers a intimate family like connection. Mendocino High school is a safe place to be in and around. We are cultured and happy to see new students arrive. One thing I would like to see change for future students is, more classes offered. Another thing I would like to see change is some more updated facilities. The middle school got rebuilt but not the high school and it has been the same buildings since my parents were in high school.
Mendocino High School has a considerably friendly and inclusive atmosphere that is encouraging to teenagers. Most of the teachers are passionate about their subjects are offer a lot of support to their students but many curriculums are designed to include the students that want to do a minimal amount of work and do not value their education. Because of this approach most of the classes offered are not rigorous enough to prepare the students for competitive universities.
Due to the small student body our options are very limited. There is no band or school provided after school activities.
Due to the extremely small size of our school, the community is very tight knit. Despite this, class gaps were obvious. In my class alone, half of us were earning straight A's, while the other half failed and dropped out without support from parents or teachers. The demographics of our school is extremely sad, with many students belonging to broken homes, or no homes at all.
The teachers are not paid much and it shows. Many of our resources have to come out of their pockets, and a lack of qualified teachers has led to a dwindling teaching community. Although the teachers are very friendly and approachable, their skills as teachers is limited by many factors, such as the previously mentioned funds and lacking communication of expectations.
Since our school is so small, we don't have very many safety precautions required.
Our principal is wonderful. She is kind, but can also hold her ground. The staff at our school is super nice and helpful. They really take the time to get to know the students.
I love being able to get help from my teachers whenever I need it, and our campus is located in beautiful Mendocino overlooking the ocean.
All of our teachers are very dedicated and it is obvious that they put a lot of effort into their job, which makes our academics thrive. The only downside is that we don't have very many AP courses available to us because of the size of our school.
The reason that I did not select a great rating for my school is because my high school has only 200 students. Because of this, it is very limited in the different options that it provides for students such as clubs. However, we do have a fairly decent variety of sports.
There are many after school sports but often times there is not great team spirit and there is a lot of bullying in sports.
I think that our Earth Science and chemistry teacher, AP Calculus and Geometry teacher, history teacher, and one of our English teachers are great. The others are hard to learn from and do not put in the extra effort.
I think we have many great teachers and that makes all the difference in being able to learn the material.
There is no cafeteria. Food is only offered once a week for students to buy. When it is, it is usually something that is supposed to be hot which is cold.
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As a senior at this school, I have seen it go from a great school to an okay school. The younger classes have caused a lot of havoc with peer pressure and partying lately.
There are pretty up to date computers and technology in out school. We have old text books, and all students with there were more resources to take home but our school can't afford it.
I think that the majority of teachers are great here. Even though we do not have a dress code, I think the level of respect for our teachers and school staff is high, so we are respectful when they tell us not to wear certain clothing again. The office staff and guidance counselors are amazing and very helpful with any questions you may have.
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