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Attending Mendenhall was the best years of my life. We have an excellent staff here that cares about what the students do. There are various organizations and activities that are available for students to participate in. I believe Mendenhall is one of the best schools in the state because we excel in everything that we do. We work hard to achieve excellence. I have attended Mendenhall since I first started school and I would not trade it for the world. The memories made in Mendenhall will never be replaced.
Mendenhall has always been my home. I have always played every sport as a mighty tiger. I am very proud of the little town I call home.
Being a senior, I can honestly say attending Mendenhall High was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The school is small so it’s easier to have one on ones with faculty members/coaches. The Administration really cares about the students future and their time spent at Mendenhall high school. The only things I can really ask for is more extracurricular activities and clubs for the students to partake in. Other than that, Mendenhall High School is a great choice for a school you should attend!
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Hi, I'm a senior at Mendenhall High School and I love the 3 years that i have attended. My freshman year we was a C school and my sophomore year we went up to a B+ School. I'm gonna miss it when I graduate. Class of 2019
What I love about Mendenhall High a school is that they will prepare for your life after high school. They take the time out to value each individual student as their own and ensure that progress.
When I first attended Mendenhall High School it was a D school. As I promoted to the next grade, my school also promoted as a school. The teachers are very great and actually work with to help you strive to get to your goals. From freshman year to senior year, Mendenhall high School has went from a D school to a B school. Out of all my years being at Mendenhall High School I have to say that this year has been far most one of the best years of my life. I wish it could last a lifetime.
I believe that Mendenhall high school is a place filled with multiple opportunities for any and everybody that steps foot in Mississippi. If someone where to ask me what school would you recommend for my child I would gladly tell them Mendenhall. The campus is nice the teachers are dedicated and the principle is well rounded to making the students succeed in what they want to do.
I believe Mendenhall High is a good school. Of course, each school has its faults, but Mendenhall is a smaller, close school. The athletic programs are good, fun and enjoyable. We have a vocational technical school that is apart of our district that teaches students trades. The teacher do care about the students and will help us learn and understand the lessons.
My experience with Mendenhall high school has been well and my superiors have helped me prepare for life and grow as a person, however i do believe the verbal violence and physical altercations could be handled without making everybody in the school suffer from a few peoples actions.
Mendenhall High School was an anazing experience for me. Durig my time there I was able to accomplish several things for myself through the help of my teachers and peers.
The best thing about Mendenhall High is it's hope for change and some teachers. A lot of staff put in time and effort to try and improve the school. Majority of the time it's a miss but the effort is really nice.
I came to this school in the 10th grade. This is very strict the teachers can barely teacher. I really don't like the way the teachers are nosy.
My experience at Mendenhall High School was defiantly one for the books. I like meeting new people so it was easy to make new friends and the years got easier as I went on. I believe I got a strong foundation of education to further myself for college. The teachers and faculty there are very friendly and helpful. Starting out in high school I was in a rush to graduate but now that the day in approaching I wish I could slow the time down. Even though it will be scary at first I am fully prepared for college and I would like to thank Mendenhall High School for getting me ready.
I loved my time at Mendenhall High School. It was both a fun and challenging experience for me. The classes kept me on my a game and allowed me to learn all that I could. The extracurricular activities offered allowed me to join many different clubs and make many friends. I would like to see it grow in the future.
My school has undergone several change in the last three years. However, the process is slow-moving, and little is being done to change the school as a whole. The students lack maturity and interest, the staff lacks commitment (apart from the band director Mark Hudson and English teacher Rebecca Carter). The food is disgusting at best, and many students refuse to eat. I don't feel safe on campus. My keys have already been stolen once this year. Overall, this school is not worth sending your child to.
I would like to change the environment to being more clean. Also the students are not very great. I love my school, but some aspects are not very pleasant to look at. Although, there are very nice teachers and academic opportunities.
There are many extracurricualr opportunities at my school. There are many clubs that students can join and there are certainly many sports that are available.
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There are many elements that make my school great so far. For one, the school spirit is unbelievable. We love our tigers! The elements that make our school great starts with our principle. He is a straight-forward, no nonsense, caring principle. He wants the best for us and I think that is the key for every great school. The faculty also play a part in these elements. They make sure we get everything we need for succeeding. Last but not least, the student. We are what makes the school. We make the school bad or good. There's no defined decription. All of these elements together make my high school great.
At our school, we don't have many teachers. The teachers we do have work very hard. Most of them drive buses so they won't be available as much, but during school they give all the help they can. I do believe that our teachers can work on more college readines than just passing our state tests. All of our teachers are different and that is good. You have strict teachers and some who just have a laxed environment. The best thing about our teachers are that they care.
The school has an excellent staff but the school so old and it has so many problems like infestations and things of that nature that is just hard for them to completely clean the school and it's not very safe because the buildings are very widespread and has a lot of cracked concrete and bricks in the ground so overall it's not very safe or healthy. But the staff do the best they can to make it as safe and healthy as they can achieve.
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