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I love the school spirit that Menchville has. Everyone is very involved and it is much like a family.
Overall, after going to Menchville for all four years of my high school experience I found this to be a very welcoming and enjoyable school. Our principal Mr. Surry completed the high school experience because he was full of kindness towards all his students and staff. His positive attitude and school spirit was what made the school more welcoming and enjoyable. He will be missed when he retires, because the school will not have the same energy when he is gone. I thank this school for making me the person I am.
These past 4 years at Menchville High School have been the best years of my life. I’ve met my closest friends, seen myself grow in academics, and got involved in several different activities. Menchville is one big family that i’m so proud to be apart of, its bittersweet that i’m going to have to say goodbye in June and start a new chapter of my life. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that Menchville has given me. I’m SCA President at Menchville and it was the best decision i’ve ever made, despite the stress, i️ have been able to meet so many people and plan the best week of the school year, homecoming week.
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Menchville has an overall positive environment with energetic teachers that know when to be the teacher and when to be a friend you can talk to when things aren’t going so well. The students are diverse and the school spirit is off the charts!
I love the environment and the teachers were really interested in our well being. I love being on the golf team and we are number 2 in the district.
Menchville has the best teachers. They truly care about their students and bend over backwards to help them every way they can. They offer a variety of classes that may not be offered at other schools. I would love to see Menchville receive a magnet program since they are the only high school in Newport News that hasn’t been given a special program. Regardless, the school offers a lot of opportunities that are not available at even the magnet schools.
I was involved in a lot in the school. I liked the interactions you can have with teachers. I did not find a very good crowd to hang around but I made new friends every year. They offer a lot of different activities to do after school and teachers are willing to stay afterwards to tutor you.
Teachers and coaches are very encouraging and willing to help in assist you. School spirit is huge during spirit week and homecoming. There is quite an amount of AP classes taught at MHS that are very beneficial in becoming exempt in future college courses.
The one thing I really like about my school is the fact that teachers really care about their students. They are great teachers and great counselors.
The main good part of Menchville High School was their FIRST Robotics Competition team that competes at the world level. Being at Menchville High School has given me a chance to attend the prestigious Governor's School for Science and Technology (GSST). In terms of academics, I rated high because of my enrollment in the GSST.
The staff and faculty at Menchville High School cannot be rivaled. The teachers genuinely care about the students. Not just their academic performance, but their well-being also. The size of the school provides the students enough time to get to their classes but also time to talk and socialize with friends.
I transferred to Menchville High my junior year, and thought that i would be a lone wolf roaming the school alone. Well, I was dead wrong students at this school were very welcoming and not shy when it came to talking to a kid that has never seen them in their entire life. When given a tour of the school, I saw the outdoor learning center, and it really blew me away just because of how nice it was and how clean. My first thought after returning home is that I would enjoy being and so far it has been a delight.
I loved that the school was so diverse and hands on with the students. I enjoyed my academic achievements from this school and the atmosphere.
I'm a junior at Menchville and it's been a great 3 years and I'm sad to say after next year I'm leaving but definitely excited for college. My favorite part about Menchville is the variety of classes they offer and the diversity of students.
Menchville has so much school spirit, there is no other school in Virginia with as much school spirit as Menchville. I think there should be 2 spirit weeks because if any school could pull it off, it would be Menchville.
Over the past 4 years, I have had an amazing experience at Menchville. I have made lasting friendships with other students and teachers. Other than the food being average and the occasional rat or cockroach: the teachers, administrators, and other staff members are very friendly. They always greet you with a friendly hello and a majority of the time, will have a conversation with you about anything.
My experience at Menchville was great. I got the opportunity to meet so many great people and got to take advantage of the great teachers and classes that they offer.
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My experience at Menchville has been a very positive one. We have an awesome staff here as well as the culture in our school. The majority of our sports most definitely stand out. I know that if I need help with a class, I can always find the extra help that I need from my teachers. Our test scores stand above the rest in our area including the awards for AP. I know that I would not have wanted to go anywhere else for high school. Go Monarchs!
While attending MHS I had such an amazing experience this school is really like no other public school, everyone is very close instead of your typical student body we were more like a tight knit family.
I thought Menchville High was good back when I graduated in 2014 and I'm happy to see it grow since I became an alum. The biggest influence on me were my teachers and the staff. The teachers of my Honors and AP classes helped me not only academically but as a growing young adult. Menchville faculty are close-knit and they will help you if you are showing your best effort and ask for help. The school isn't the richest but more than makes up for it in the quality of faculty. We have amazing arts programs and competitive sports, so not only is there great academics but many extracurricular activities as well.
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