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I liked how small the school and population was at Menaul. It allowed me to develop deeper relationships with my friends. Although, since it is such a small school, there are not as many opportunities as there are in regular public schools.
Great school with a lot of diversity. Academically challenging and great opportunity to develop oneself in body mind and spirit. Nice teachers overall with few exceptions. Great community and solidarity in the school.
I love Menaul HS. I am an alum from 1980 and I follow Menaul's progress regularly. I am proud to financially contribute and support the success of Menaul.
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What I like about your school is that first of all the school staff is blessed with the wisdom to identify genuine talent. The school has such dedicated and committed staff and faculty that I as a parent have nothing to worry about the education and progress of my daughter. They did all that is necessary to make her feel comfortable when she first arrived as one among them. They take care of her as their own.Teaching methods in Menaul is remarkable as well. Every effort is made to make sure each and every student understands the concepts of every field of study which is very important for University education.
Personal attention is given to every student which enhances the learning abilities and is a great source of encouragement to the student to do well and inculcates a feeling of belonging.
We are parents of a boarding student and we're very pleased with the good and effective communication we have with the school either in the administration or the dorms. We are always kept informed about our child school work , activities and even asked whether we can give her permission to go out. Teachers are doing a hard work with students , we re really satisfied with our daughter's level and results.
I am a senior student and I am ready to go to a great College thanks to Menaul School. I am so proud to be a Panther and part of the Menaul School rich and diverse History!
Menaul School has not only an incredible diverse student body, it is diverse in every aspect of the school, from classes to teachers, to way of thinking, but still it feels like one community where everyone cares about each other. Awesome school!
While Menaul School costs just as must as my college tuition, it was by far my favorite school. I’ve moved around every three-ish years so I’ve been to quite a few. The teachers are amazing and even after eight years of being gone they still remember you. The classes were small and there for able to be more individualized and fun. They care for their students and their community and have special days off where the whole school will go do activities together. Whether that be community service or something fun like ice skating.
We absolutely love Menaul School! My daughter has never been happier about going to school each day. The teachers are amazing, passionate and very knowledgeable about what they teach. They believe in positive reinforcement and praise the children for their work. The parents and students are kind and friendly to one another compared to other schools. The teachers have recognized the potential my daughter has and have helped her achieve success. The academics and faith based education along with the diversity, and family environment make Menaul exceptional!
I am currently a senior at Menaul and this is my 7th year attending. Menaul is not a bad school, but I do miss the good old days and wish it would revert back to the way it used to be in some areas.

Overall it has been a good experience, aside from the personal dread of School that nearly all teenagers feel. The teachers are amazing and super sweet and I have created some great bonds here.
Extremely low level of bullying, drugs, or discrimination of any kind.
In addition to official events, the students love to learn about the many cultures represented at the school and spend lots of time on Cook's court and in the quad with friends from all over the world. Students and staff stay all afternoon to support their friends and watch sporting events.
This is a true community with over 100 years of pride, history, and proven performance. Well-rounded curriculum and up-to-date technology keep students on top of their game.
Curriculum is guided by teachers' personal passions, which shows in the classroom and in students' inspiration.
This school is unique because there are people from all over the world that you get to meet. Even though it's a small community, the experiences you have that can make a big impact on your life.
Hidden gem, a truly unique place
Very few clubs, not much activity after school
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A large proportion of students play sports
Difficult, unresponsive, bad with parents
I feel that the teacher resources is seriously scarce, but facilities is fair.