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My experience at Menasha High School was great and I loved how they remodeled the school so it looks like a brand new school.
I am about to go into my senior year at menasha high and overall I am very happy with it. The renovations that we had back in 2014 really improved the functionality of the building. There are halway collaboration areas where students can work in a different environment instead of being stuck in the classroom the whole time. There are many resources also available to students, such as chrombooks in almost every classroom, printers, books, and set classrooms for each hour where students can get extra help with subjects that they are struggling with. All of the staff are very friendly and always willing to help and listen to anything you have to say. There is also minimal buying. Just like any other school there is some, but overall everyone here is nice and dosent make gun of other people and if someone sees someone doing it they will confront them and say somthing to stop it. Menasha high is a great place to go
Menasha High school students are extremely nice and the campus is beautiful and modern. In fact, there is a cafe on campus that sells Starbucks. Every teacher is kind and caters to any need.

The only bad points about Menasha High are the litter that wanders around the streets surrounding campus and the rules when disciplining students is not as enforced as I would like. Some teachers allow rude students to continue for too long before enforcing rules.
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I went to Menasha High School for four years, all four years were filled with joy and laughter. I had so many great opportunities to do great things with my life. I got the chance to travel to Spain and play multiple sports. All the teachers were very nice and helpful. There was always someone willing to help you at any time.
The teachers and staff at Menasha High School truly care about their students. Anytime a student needs help in a subject they are able to go to an ED lab to find the help they need. And if a student is unable to go to an ED lab, they are able to meet up with their teachers anytime after class. It's evident the teachers want their students to succeed and achieve the best possible learning. The other staff members make a point of meeting with every student at least once a year. They simply want to check up on students and see how the year is going and if they need any help; this certainly made me feel like the staff cared about me and my education and even my life after high school.
Honestly I love my school. It's a fun environment to learn and grow in. The new renovation really help open the building up and make it a more welcoming place.
The teachers at my school are overall amazing. They help when needed and they are extremely approachable. I have favorites of course I connect with more, but they all do well with trying to help. I do although just believe some could be less stressed on occasion and with taking it out on students, as we don't control what happened to them outside of work.
Meansha is great because you don't have to be in a click of something to be cool. There is always new people to meet and get to know that are like you.
The teachers are always there to help and find a way for you to succeed
Without my friends I would probably have run away or switched schools
teachers tell us to teach each other when they are the ones that should be teaching us. Hence the word teacher. Some teachers are complete assholes and very few actually care and want to do as much as they can.
I wasn't very athletic in high school, but I was in a lot of other clubs such as swing choir, stage crew, Japanese club, etc. and they have really impacted me throughout those four years. they were awesome clubs where i met a lot of cool people and really bonded with the teachers, but there was one problem: funding. The extracurricular funding is so imbalanced and it needs to be changed ASAP. There are kids that have a true passion for theatre, but can't get the experience they need because our budget is so low and we don't have up to date equipment and supplies. If the funding was more balanced, I think every club would reach its full potential and every kid could realistically follow their dreams.
Overall, I had a great time at Menasha High, academically and through my extracurriculars. The teachers really worked with me and supported me during class and during clubs/events. I also met some really great people and made a lot of friends through the theatre/tech crew program. If I went back in time to my high school days and had the option to choose, I would go to Menasha High again.
There are flaws in the system such as people letting random visitors come in and the office secretaries don't particularly focus on who is coming in
They have awesome variety and will not turn down anyone
I like going here yet at the same time a lot of things are flawed within this school. They have become so strict and do not focus on the wellbeing of the student. Their practices of independence lack as if we are elementary school students.
I enjoy how much the teachers strive to give the best education to students. If a teacher could not assist all students with a certain learning technique they would do different techniques and go above and beyond. They really care about each student
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Menasha High is a great school, the only problems I ever had with this school was Life Options/Advisory. This class meets twice a week for about 30 minutes. It takes time away from other core classes just to have this extra class every thursday and tuesday. Life Options is supposed to be a class where they teach you things you need to know when you get out of school and also a way to talk to kids in your grade level you might not of. Although this class is more centered around who wins the Kick-Ball tournament ( which honestly was pointless but the only fun time you ever had in that class), how late you are on returning your library books or something irrelevent. They wont even let you do your homework when you're supposed to be reading. Honestly, if you attend this class try to make the best out of it. Go to clubs and activities and join a sport. Tech Crew especially was my favorite being a Stage Manager. You learn a lot more in clubs than you thought you would. Not sure about now but the teachers when i was there were pretty great and really did care about you and your future.
You have such a diverse student body and nobody cares who you are or what type of family you come from you can be yourself and you'll have a place at MHS
There are things for lunch that everyone enjoys but those days the lines are horrible
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