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Menard High School Reviews

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All the teachers are very nice and helpful. They really want all students to succeed and are always there to help. Each has a unique teaching style but they are all easy to understand.
The administration treats all students equally with their policies. They are all involved and enforce rules and are always there to keep the school as a safe learning environment free from distractions.
Everyone in my school gets along. All students want each other to succeed and are always there to give tips and to help each other out.
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I would not want to go to any other high school. The teachers are great and are always there to help you succeed. The programs all give skills to make each student a better person and the spirit of the school is incomparable.
The school is very safe. It is a bully free environment and because everyone grew up together everyone is treated with respect. Students and faculty practice drills to be prepared in case of natural disaster and other dangers. Overall the school is a safe environment.
There are many extracurricular activities at my school even though it is small. The school offers everything from UIL Academics to 4-H. Everyone who participates wants to do their best so they all commit. All of the activities support the other activities so they is little to no conflict.
The various sports receive equal attention and the students and school always support all sports. A lot of students participate in multiple sports so coaches are always happy to work together so that the athletes can be their best. The school offers summer workout options for both boys and girls athletics. They include weight-room and conditioning workouts.
Our school has gone through many renovations. We have a very up-to-date gym and a very nice football stadium. All classrooms have SMARTboard technology and computer labs have new computers. Dual credit courses are offered to juniors and seniors and parents are always encourage to get involved in their children's academic lives.
The school is small so students get a lot of assistance. Everybody knows everybody so all the teachers are really friendly and want to see everyone exceed. I always feel prepared for standardized tests and I feel prepared for when I leave for college. Overall, it is a great school that allows for maximum learning opportunities.
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