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Teachers are good at engaging their students from the beginning to end of class by reviewing homework from the previous night and giving students warm up and journal assignments.
Classes have an array of students of different cultures and nationalities. There are often special events held in which the administration celebrate holidays or have culture fair projects presented by students.
Hallways are always clean, PTA gets parents and guardians involved, bus transportation is provided.
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Teachers put forth much effort in getting the students to grasp the topic. I felt confident and fluent in various language arts/English terms, math, social studies. The teachers gets the class involved in discussions and encourages students to be vocal and participate and show eagerness to learn.
The school makes new efforts to improve the lunch menu every year by incorporating healthier options. Although some students may be disappointed with the absence of sweeter and higher calorie meals, they are substituted with meals equally as satisfying with better health benefits.
All the staffs inputs are valued by the school's administration. There is a PTA program that gets parents involved in the school administration as well as their children's academics.
Student's actively participate in a clubs and sporting activities. Clubs vary from chess club, drama club, tennis club, volleyball, cross country, and track. The teachers regulate the clubs quite well.
My overall experience at this school was pleasant. The teachers put forth much effort to instill the fundamentals of every subject before setting us off to high school. As long as you go to class eager to learn and with a no nonsense attitude, classes will be pleasant. Teachers and principals are often on top of things going on within the school and always enjoy seeing their alumni and sharing encouragement and wisdom.
Students are very active in after school sports like volleyball, track, and cross country. The gym coaches teach students the fundamentals and terms of various sports to help find our interests. They instill the importance of being physically active in our lives.
This school does not tolerate any forms of bullying. If bullying is reported to a teacher or the principal, disciplinary measures are immediately taken. Officers from the D.A.R.E. program often pay visits to the school to discuss safety measures and influence students to practice good habits. Menands Police often patrol the area around the school throughout the day. Over the years, the school has made constant efforts to improve the meals served in the cafeteria. More fruits and vegetables and foods with vital nutrients beneficial for active children and teens are served. Overall, this school is very safe with very few occurrences of delinquent behavior, and if that behavior is noticed, strict disciplinary actions are enforced.
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