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Menahga School has a variety of teachers who are always willing to help in any possible way they are able too. They all seem to enjoy the school itself, they have the team spirit for any sporting event, and they're very encouraging when it comes to expanding your future options.
The education that I have received at Menahga has prepared me for the next level. I believe that the teachers are competent. I loved how easy it was to pursue PSEO through the high school. They also offer many online classes as well as classes for college credit. The only real problem is the lack of space. With the limited space and classroom some teachers aren't able to teach at full capacity.
Menahga Secondary is overall a great school. One thing I will always look back on is how kind and dedicated the teachers were. I believe they are the reason Menahga was such a wonderful learning environment. No matter the subject or the class they work hard on understanding every student individually. Student's are driven and keep the standards high. The only thing I would ever change about my high school is the fact that it needed to more space.
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I really like how Menahga is a smaller town so you know almost everyone in school. During sports, your team is like your family because you spend a lot of time together during the season and in the off-season.
I think the building is in quite good condition and the guidance counselors are really great!
I happen to really like and enjoy the teaching at this school. There is some teachers that arent exactly the best, but overall its pretty good!
I think the workload is manageable, and the choices they have for classes are quite good!
There is a lot of variety when it comes to extra-curriculars at my school. FCCLA and BPA are great choices for enhancing your learning opportunities and they're also really fun. There is an abundance of choices at Menahga.
The school nurse can be quite questionable, but preventing bullying is something this school is really good at! Our school does have very little security though.
I think the staff at my school is a wonderful group of people! They are helpful and now what theyre doing.
The programs that we do have are of good quality.
The teachers genuinely care for their students and are there at the ready when they are needed.
The school administration is really there for their students.
With the opportunities that are available, they are of decent quality and offer ways for students to get involved.
The academics at this school do not let you pursue anything beyond a general interest in specific subject. They do encourage and allow online learning to certain students, which allows you to pursue special topic classes, but within the school, class subjects are quite limited.
On average, the teaching staff tries the absolute best they can. With few exceptions, they are devoted and interesting. They participate in student life and are approachable. The staff does not get along particularly well with the other teachers (they have form highschool like cliques) but that rarely affect the student learning or education.
If it were not for the extracurricular activities, school would be unbearable for me. The sports and clubs introduced me to each of my friends and help me get through the day. Also the give you valid reasons to skip school. There are some many activities that if you are in all of them (or nearly all as I am) you never have a day without some event, meeting, or fundraising going on.
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I always pack a lunch, because the size and flavor of the meals is intolerable to me. That being said, I have eaten worse. They accommodate allergies better than any other school I have seen, and the service is quick and friendly. The food is healthy, but lacks in variety. There seems to be the same meals each week, with little variance. They could also gain more of my appreciation from allowing the cold lunch eaters to use there dressing and whatnot.
The school has standard facilities available to the student body. Up to date text books, several computer labs. They recently gave the students iPads which will take time to be used efficiently. Currently, the iPads are not being used correctly or in educational ways, the school could benefit from implementing services in which the teachers can learn to use the iPad in class that benefits both students and teachers.
The opportunities my school offers are varied and pretty standard. Participation is very low because of the beliefs of some of the members. School spirit suffers because 80% of the student body cannot attend sporting events of homecoming dances. The programs and facilities are there, but the participation and support is always lacking.
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