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I will be graduating in May of this year. Overall, Mena High School is just an average school. There's not much to it. However, the best part of this average school is the teachers. They're always willing to help any students that doubt themselves. Sure, there are some that are don't, but for the most part, the teachers treat you like you are their own child. They respect the students' opinions and listen to our suggestions. They listen to us during our stressful times and help out whenever they can. The bonds formed between the teachers and the students are a close one, almost like family. There have been unfortunate occurrences in the past 4 years that I've gone here, but the teachers and students help each other in staying strong during those times. Leaving this school, I will leave behind some of the best relationships I've been a part of. I will miss the teachers of Mena High School very much.
I think it is a relatively good high school. But it is not very diverse. The teachers are mostly good, though some could use some more understanding towards their students.
In the four years that I have gone to Mena High School, I would have to say the experience something wonderful. Spending the time that I had here has prepared me for what future that I wish to be involved with and has made an attempt to prepare me for life after graduation. The culture on campus is far from average, it exceeds that. The facilities have granted students several opportunities for student led activities as well as administration led events and guest speakers. The staff superb, taking the time to meet with students one on one when they struggle in whatever subjects that they teach.
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The teachers are great, but the administration sets to many rules and guidelines to follow. Which restricts the students from having fun at school events.
I loved high school! The only problem was that, when it came to playing sports, it all mattered on your last name. That is one thing I would like to see changed about Mena High School. Where playing on a team depended on your skill level and not your last name. The teachers were great, always helped when you needed it and always gave you a chance.
I like that the teachers are very understanding and helpful. However, our counselor has not been of any help during our senior year, and the administration (only the principal pretty much) has tried to make the last four years very hard on everyone.
Attending MHS was overall a pleasant experience. The teachers and staff are friendly towards students and the students are kind as well.
Mena High School is a very safe school. It allows students to grow, but it doesn't give them so much slack that it is wild. The academics are great because it is a constant competition between your classmates.
I have loved this schools since day one! its friendly staff makes you fell at home. you feel safe and wanted at mean high.
I enjoy attending Mena High School. I am an active member in Student Council and NHS. Some of the teachers here are great, but there's a few that are not very good.
I like Mena high school because a lot of the staff is very supportive and kind. They are always ready to help whenever you need them. I would like to change the amount of non athlete based clubs in our school. I am personally a theater kid myself.
It is a basic small town high school. If you want the most average experience go here. Not a lot of action goes on around here. Very few freedoms and school administration is lame. We have some pretty cool teachers but they only do so much without having to change their ways to fit the "needs" of the Principal.
Mena high school is great school and learning place. The teacher are involved in the children's learning and activities. I would honestly love for my own children someday to go to mena schools. Mena High school is by far the best environment and learning experience.
I like the fact that most of the staff has time to talk to students. I dislike the fact that my school is mostly centered on sports and not on academics. I feel as if the school district would rather have championship or tournament rings than students who can actually function in college or the workforce.
My experience at Mena High School has been very interesting. Since it is a small school, everyone always knows whats going on with one another. I would like to see some improvements on how the school is ran and some of the teacher problems. Overall a great place to go to school!
We have a great school. Good kids and friendly staff. The facilities are great. The school is large and was built about 6 years ago. In addition to a full time SRO that serves in all the schools in mena, the high school also has a full time school security officer on campus. We have great sports facilities and have won state championships in several sports. The high school also partners with our local community college so you can take college classes while still in high school
My overall experience with Mena High School has been quite the experience. Some of the teachers there are more biased towards the athletes and give them special privileges while treating the others horribly. The food just got an upgrade this year and is actually good. It is hard to enjoy your experience at Mena High School because you have to try to dodge the multiple people trying to slander your name everyday.
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For me, the workload through my academic years has gotten easier for me. Every teacher tried to help and manage our work so no one is stressed and overworked
There are different clicks like in every school, but everyone is quite acceptable of each other.
Clubs here are great and there are plenty of students who are more then happy to be apart of them
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