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MUS wants you to succeed. From my time here, I’m sure of it. I’ve had 26 teachers, and all of them have wanted to better me as a student and as an individual. (Some of them have won national awards). And it has paid off: a 32 on the ACT as a Freshman is all the proof you should need to know that MUS is the place to go. Student life is excellent, as we have about 630 students, 14 sports, and about 70 clubs (some of them have also won national awards). They don’t call it a college preparatory school for nothing. If I could go anywhere for high school, it would be MUS.
A great school for your studies. People that genuinely care about you, your education, and your success.
Memphis University School is the best school in the Mid-South area that can prepare you for college. The teachers are always willing to help and love to see you succeed. Facilities are amazing and the food is the best! The community is very welcoming and full of tradition.
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The teaching environment is one of many reasons why MUS is academically successful. Teachers are given the resources and freedom to teach; very little administrative work is pushed down to them.
Is good at pretty much everything. Wide range of clubs. Great teachers. Amazing sports teams and good classes. It teaches truth and honor and teaches traditionally. An overall very effective albeit difficult school
I really love it! The staff is amazing and I have yet to have a teacher I can't work things out with. Everyone there seems to have the same forward thinking mindset and I love it!
As students of Memphis University School, we share a duty to preserve our tradition of general excellence by upholding the principles that define and unify our community. An MUS student actively seeks knowledge and understanding, and he encourages that pursuit among his classmates.An MUS student contributes his time and abilities to the welfare of his school and of the greater community. He is courteous and kind and appreciates everyone in his community. Lastly, an MUS student develops leadership, cooperation, communication, self-discipline, and friendships in activities outside the classroom.
Challenging but very effective. A great learning community. The teachers are very helpful, students get along very well, and all around it is a great school.
I'm currently in my sophomore year and I've been here since the 7th grade. I've had amazing teachers who all have years of experience and know their subject well. I'm a member of the Varsity lacrosse team and we play like a family I think it would be safe to say MUS has the best team mentality if every school in the state. Our honor code is beyond amazing, students hold each other accountable and if there is an honor council violation the student accused is tried by 2 students from every grade, each elected by that class
At MUS, I really learned how to use my resources to succeed in the classroom. Every single teacher is willing to help each student, and they create genuine relationships with the students. MUS has challenged me to be the best student that I could possibly be. Not only does MUS want its students to excel in the classroom, but it also promotes extracurricular activities such as sports and community service. This is a great place to send your boys to become men of strong moral character. MUS provides students with opportunities to really understand other cultures, and it gives students great social skills on how to deal with diversity. I can truly say that the lessons you learn at MUS will be lessons that stick with you for the rest of your life
I liked the foo, the faculty, and the community/environment overall.Everyone encouraged me to adapt and to face adversity. I liked this because it taught me not to quit and to give everything my all.
The teachers are helpful, and if there is any particular subject you need help in the school makes sure academic assistance is available in the form of tutoring programs
the teachers all vary but so far I cannot say I that I have had a teacher less than satisfactory. The teachers I have had provided proper notes, were willing to help students, and for the most part kept classes somewhat interesting
Counseling department has an excellent relationship with the students, and the community creed guides student behavior under a very well functioning honor code.
Something for everyone, activities are incredibly well managed, mentors are keenly aware of kids needs, and the kids exert leadership and it is a distinguishing mark of the school.
MUS self selects boys who are willing to accept what is required to thrive in a competitive environment, however one that does not take itself too seriously. The students expect to compete in everything that they do at a very high-level, and their parents support them to the send in a generally healthy way.
Serious professionals, deeply rooted in their fields of study, National merit leading school for boys in the state, why variety in the curriculum where boys can find both a mentor and a subject in which they excel.
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There are many opportunities for starting up and being involved in clubs and other after school activities.
I do not have any instances I can think of where safety or health at the school was a major issue. I believe the school has done a great job with maintenance and safety.
I have enjoyed the wonderful education I have received and the wonderful faculty who have helped me out. I also like the many opportunities provided by the school in terms of rigorous classes and college counseling.