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I’ve attended Memphis school of Excellence from 6-12, and everything I wanted to see change, did! In the near future I hope to see the school expand more to be able to offer more opportunities to the students such as football, debate teams, and even editing classes.
I have attended MSE since 6th grade. The teachers and administrators are very qualified and are certified in varies areas of studies. The classes are small, which it makes it much easier to have that one-one-time with your teacher. The teachers WANT the student to learn! I’m so happy and Blessed that my parents made the right choice with MSE! The Best of the BEST!
I have been attending Memphis School of Excellence since my first year in middle school and now i am a high school senior. Memphis School of Excellence has been a family to me. I have gained friends and i have accomplished so many great things there. Attending Memphis School of Excellence was on of the greatest things i have ever done.
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Memphis School of Excellence is a great school. We have incredible teachers that connect with the students and are genuinely happy to be teaching. I like how many teachers encourage us to have discussions and we genuinely enjoy them. Personally, in elementary school when it was time to chose a middle school, I chose MSE as it has a great robotics team. When I enrolled, I didn't know exactly all that MSE had to offer. I must say, I don't regret my choice. Based on many other schools in the surrounding area, Memphis School of Excellence is a hidden gem. One thing I do wish is that we had more clubs to join. Due to a shortage in students, the high school had to cut art and music which is truly a shame as our school has many talented artists and musicians. But, the middle school is flourishing with even ukulele lessons!I hope I can continue to be part of the great MSE until I graduate.
The small environment at the Memphis School of Excellence gives students the opportunity to have more one on one interactions with teachers. The one on one interactions gives students make it easier for students to learn the material that they are given in class. The school is also safer than a public school due to the limited number of students attending the school. Extracurricular activities are limited as a result of it being a small school. The teenagers at the school do not play at a one division level. The sports offered are soccer, track and field, and basketball. If one wishes to have their children better set for life after high school, they would be better off at a public high school as there is a higher probability that other students will have jobs as well. Students perform relatively well in exams compared to other public high schools in the area.
Memphis School of Excellence is a wonderful school, it is one of the top educated schools here in Memphis. We’ve had 100% graduation for every student each school year by having a great counselor. Each teacher gives time to their students whenever they need help with tutoring or anything else that will make them achieve their goals. Students here stand up for themselves by studying and ignoring the bad things that happen in every bodies life. We don’t have fights nor bullies like other schools have, we have less compared to others. Memphis School of Excellence is a good school to attend in Memphis overall.
Memphis School of Excellence was a great school to be apart. The Teachers are very nice and always making sure that you are on track both academically and emotionally. You can certainly tell that the teachers truly love their jobs and that it is not just about getting a check. The only thing that I would change about Memphis School of Excellence is the operation hours. It should open at 7 o`clock and let out at 2 o`clock instead of 8 o`clock to 3 o`clock.
My experience with this school has been amazing. This school is really into to getting you college ready. I wish they had more space but overall it has been great. I am happy that i get to graduate from my school.
I would like to see the food change, they don't have a kitchen within the cafeteria so the food is not properly prepared.
I love that it is not a very big school. Most of the teachers are quite young so they are up to date and tend to be very relatable and understanding. What I love most about these teachers is that they actually care for their students. If there was one thing I could change would be the school's level of strictness. They are too lenient with students who are a disruption in class and have many warnings but no real punishment. Although this may be an issue, I like the fact that if someone fails they are not allowed to return to the school as it gives students a reason to continue working hard and not decide to stop trying.
I am new to MSE, joining the team mid-October. I can attest that it is a great environment to both work and learn in. I have worked in other TN and MS schools, and I often tell people we have a great school. Our children are respectful and the teachers want to teacher. The administration actually listens to the staff. This was the best decision I have ever made!
The school is nice. Some of the teachers seem as though they really want to see you succeed, whether you want to or not. As far as the policies and decisions made by the higher admin, they don't seem completely thought through.
Great school, cannot complain anything. Wonderful academic programs, several sports and clubs offered and safe place to be in. I love MSE
My experience at Memphis School of Excellence was alright. They have good teachers but it's a small school we don't have a gym or a auditorium. I feel that Memphis School of Excellence should expand their school so students can get the best experience. Also, Memphis School of Excellence should have more classes to take because classes here are limited. Memphis School of Excellence should have more activities to choose from.
I enjoyed because of the intimate learning and being able to access extra help when needed. Talking to teachers was easy and I easily got a clear understanding of whatever I was confused about. There should be more diversity, sports, and clubs and activities.
Memphis school of excellence is a pretty awesome school their academics are very strong and the pride the students take in the school is remarkable. I have been at Memphis school of excellence since the sixth grade and am now a graduating senior the school has changed so much since then new teachers new subjects of study sports is a huge part of the school's culture.
I like the teaching style at this school. They help prepare seniors and juniors get ready for college. The work really isn't hard but there will be something's you won't understand and the teachers have a great way of explaining the work so you would understand it.
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Whenever we have an event going on at school we have a great amount of audience from the parents. That's one thing I can say about MSE. Parents always come out to support or even help the school whenever they can.
I would say it's just okay because the teachers all have their own way of doing things and different teaching styles. Some teachers tend to give us more visual stuff while others just like to teach us the ground teaching way by only using the books. Either way is fine to me personally.
This school is different from regular schools because most public schools don't take the time to actually make sure the students are happy and enjoying the semester so far.
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