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Memphis Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Memphis is a nice, up to date, rural school system. They have good teachers and facilities for preparing students for College.
My experience throughout high school was very good but due to the changes in management my senior year a lot of that was destroyed. Many new strict rules put in place for no reason when the school was running amazing how it was. Power hungry management ruined the last little bit of my experience at Memphis.
Memphis is a great place for anyone wanting a fresh start. It's a very small school and we're all one big family.
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It’s great! I love the school. It has its issues but all schools do. Memphis High is tight but and cares about its students
My favorite thing about school was "changing of the bleachers." This was an awesome way to say good bye as every senior got to stand in their well deserved spot on stage.
Every teacher that I have had at Memphis have inspired me to go above and beyond to reach my goals. The staff made a huge supportive impact on my life at Memphis.
teachers are amazing but the cirriculum can be hard to understand at times
they give very little portions
everyone enjoys the school for the most part
i love the school i am enrolled in, i love the people here. its like a big family here well at least in my class i enjoy coming to school everyday
Students aren't allowed to have cell phones out.
There aren't many opportunities for our athletic facilities. I have a very small school that doesn't have much money, so they can't afford to buy fancy equipment. The school spirit that we have lacks as well. No one is very excited about football games, or pep rallies. It is actually quite sad because I like to go out to a baseball game and cheer for my friends. Our teams don't really have anything that's worth cheering for (everyone is pretty bad!). Many students are involved in sports though. We never really have anything going on in our small town, so people like to do sports to keep them busy.
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