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Memphis Business Academy Middle School Reviews

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They paint a picture to make it seem like a good school , IT’S NOT . The education is equivalent to that of Trezvant , but it’s supposed to be THE school of Frayser 😐. Teachers recording fights instead of intervening...teachers cussing more than the students...and there is no difficulty in the academics , kids NEVER go home with homework ! And don’t get me started with the disorganization ! It’s a ghetto , unorganized school that you’re wasting hundreds of dollars on uniforms for !
At Memphis Business Academy we have a limited number of sports, but the school does work with its neighboring schools to provide the students with ample sports which I think is very considerate of them. The administration is actually constructing a new gym for the students to have physical education and other activities like teacher/student basketball games.
The extracurricular opportunities were not to great.
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The school administration and policies were a little off.
This school is not very diverse in ethnicity or sexual orientation. Everyone is generally accepted here because almost everyone is alike.
The food is like any other school's cafeteria food. Not much variety and not very good. However, on occasion there will be better food sold with much more variety.
When students are supposed to be in full uniform, they aren't allowed to wear any accessories or jackets that don't coincide with the school colors. This uniform policy is reasonable for a charter school and is strictly enforced.
The teaches each year comes up with new methods of educating the students but their way of broadcasting it is weak and lacks drive to get the students out their.
This school is not the greatest school in the world but i wouldn't call it the worst. It has it fair share of difficulties because its fairly new. With time through, I'm sure it'll be a great school.
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