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Memphis Business Academy High School Reviews

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Memphis Business Academy is a great School and those who are staff now make it feel like their family to an extent were you know they’re in authority. Many students don’t like MBA due to rules which are rules that will help us in the long run. The principle is doing her best and is allowing a lot of fun stuff to happened this year.The kids just have to understand that as long as we behave the more stuff that we will be able to do. Academics is great they start as early as middle school when it comes to preparation for the ACT. It is indeed a STEM school. Campus is around nothing but fast foods a gas station and family dollar which comes in handy actually for those who may go to games that will be an hour or so before it starts.
The school has good intentions but it has its slip ups. This school is expanding and doing bigger nad better things. This school does not have any business programs at all though.
I like the staff and my schedul is pretty good. They also hace pretty good classes. Not too many people are out of control and has a merit system
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I am an upcoming senior at Memphis Business Academy, and I have been attending there since my 6th-grade year. My experience at MBA has been mind-blowing. There were a lot of changes I had to adjust to over the years but not anything incapable. The teachers are so loving and can relate to most of the Frayser-Raleigh students there. They give us life lessons, along with school lessons. They are more than just teachers; they are family, especially to me. Just by me attending there for all these years show how loyal they have been to me as I have been to them. There are not any changes I recommend but to continue to be great.
I have learned a plethora of things at MBA concerning my academics, and I have been growing vigorously here since my enrollment in 6th grade.
There are many things to like about Memphis Business Academy High. The moment you walk through the threshold you will feel changed. The teachers are always very helpful to us students, they really care and are trying very hard everyday too make sure we are ready and prepared. I appreciate the support from everybody to getting me where I am today!
My experience at Memphis Business Academy was amazing. This school prepared me for college and taught me new skills that I can actually use in the real word and business world. Also, I have been attending this school since the sixth grade and it has molded me and shaped the way I make decisions till this day. From the first day that I’ve attended Memphis Business Academy their goals have always been to educate their students well, prepare them for college, and teach them the ins and outs of business or entrepreneurship. The school has made a few improvements to the high school facilities since I graduated, but I hope that they continue to work very hard to do what’s right for all the students and continue to prepare them for college.
The school has great teachers and they are they have a great focus on college. They focus the act a lot. Every week we practice ACT words and problems that could possibly be on the ACT. Although the school needs to be bigger and they need more optional classes. For example cooking class, sex ed, and drivers Ed. At MBA High they don't have those options for their students.
Memphis Business Academy is a fun diverse school where you can engage with different races and cultures. MBA offers lots of college scholarship and any student who attends will love the environment. I love the school and teachers there . You get good quality classes and activities to do there it's the best school I've attended so far.
I have attended Memphis business academy six years. Within the six years the academic level has increased. This is not a school where the teacher just give you a grade. You have to work for it. They give you college type of treatment when it comes to presentations and projects. At Memphis business academy the teachers really care about your education. They make sure they give you one on one time to understand. Tutoring is being issued out to students. They do whatever they can to make you a better student and also they get you ready for the real world. I think Memphis business academy can become a better school by allowing more activities for the students to bond and have fun. Yes a school is a place of work, but sometimes it’s better to relax and take some stress off some students. Other than that this is a wonderful school.
This focuses on the students academically helping students like me to get ready for college, owning a business, and social life. They are willing to help students who want to start up a business by telling other students and let them be capable of selling their but only after school and if it is within the school rules. They also take high school students like me to different colleges so that we could learn more about them and see what different colleges look like and see what they offer.
Memphis Business Academy is a great school and you would love the people there. The staff and students are respectful and we have lots of fun activities to keep us active and healthy.
I like how the teachers want to see their students succeed in life. I would change the amount of students per class.
i love Memphis Business Academy. its a welcoming place to be . it makes me feel like i have another family.
something that i really enjoyed at this school is that everyone gets along and you feel comfortable in the classes. something i would change about this school would probably the space in the school if they could make it little bit bigger so students could walk to class on time.
I've been a student at Memphis Business Academy for 5 years now. I started at Memphis Business Academy Middle School in 7th grade, now I'm currently a high school senior. I love how diverse the school is. They are very strict on academics which I love. I also love how my school includes ACT review in our everyday classwork. Memphis Business Academy is very diverse with sports programs for everyone and also academic programs such as DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, which focuses on business.
High School is all about what you make it ! No school is perfect but with a positive mindset you can make it perfect for you!!
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The school has a very familiar feel about it. It makes you feel like you're surrounded by family since it isn't so big. The teachers actually know you. You're not just another face in the classroom to them.
Memphis Business Academy High School is the best high school in Memphis, TN. This school gets you ready for college and the outer world. My name is Louis Gordon and I've been attending MBA since the 8th grade. Since being here I've been experienced to so much stuff. Including being the first school in Memphis building a FPV drone without a kit using a 3D printer for the building of the carbon fiber frame. This school to me is the all in one package. Now every school has its downside. Technically there is no downside about this school.
Memphis Business Academy High School is an business educational facility for not just only high school students but middle and elementary. Our mission is to grow tomorrow leaders to transform lives and communities. Not only we want to grow in school, but grow in the future so we can be the future leaders of tomorrow.
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