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Memphis Academy of Science Engineering Middle/High School Reviews

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I’ve been their since 7th grade and my experience has grown each year. The teachers would take extra time to work with us & would also accept emails from us
My experience at M.A.S.E was great. I met new people and got to hang with my friends. I met new teachers,learned new things. I also got the chance to be on the cheer and dance team 2years in a row and I absolutely loved it.
I came to the school my ninth grade year. It was a big shift from where I was previously going, Memphis Catholic Middle and High School. The dialect was different, the engagement was different, and the environment as a whole was truly different. I left my other school to gain my own identity, and that is exactly what happened. This school ensures the opportunity for students to grow in who they are while learning to cope with others of different backgrounds. When I say everyone is treated exactly the same, that is the most literal yet general statement I can make. No matter your status in your class or your development throughout the year, everyone is treated the same. That is one of the attributes that drew me closer to the school. It gives each student a sense of humbleness. Although MASE is STEM based, each and every staff member supports students yearn to venture into different fields of study as they leave.
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My 3 years attending there were very interesting . I met great friends , I was very cordial with the teachers because they were so cool and I learned more than I ever did at any other school . The thing that I wish would change is the Uniform because being forced to wear a blazer while it was blazing outside was terrible and uncomfortable. Other than that , M.A.S.E. is a really good school .
While attending Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, I learned a galore of information about the fields pertaining to the STEM careers. I was intrigued by the modest amount of women pursuing careers in the STEM field. Women are the minority in this field dominated by men, moreover, black women are close to nonexistent in the STEM field. The percentage of black women in the field implored me to find out more about the STEM career field. Most women are not taken seriously that pursue a career in this field. They are outnumbered by thousands of white men.
MASE is the best school I have attended so far. Their academic skills are amazing. I love that they all are hard and strict on us but they should lighten up and release the negative energy. Also, I love MASE because they have even helped me throughout my 8th grade year due to a tragedy at home. MASE is great.
You didn't have a ton of homework, unless you had messing assignments or just didn't do the work
They let every student choose a club in on Wednesday you will go to that club for the last 30min of school and you can stay if you able to. This school help you engage in different things.
When I was there all of my teachers knew in they gave one on one time when I need it, they are great to talk to about anything. The teachers made the classes fun so the students can get engaed with the assignment and understand what it about.
The teachers want every student to succeed to achieve their goal to proceed to a great future.
My daughter participated in basketball, track and soccer. This sports help her get in The University of Memphis
The teachers at this make sure your child gets what they need from each one of twachers rhey are great
Every child has to vaccinated
This school has gave my daughter what's needed to go to the next level. COLLEGE and have a chance to be someone great for our community and herself.
I would choose this school again if I could do it al over because its a good school.
i think our academic status could be better
I love some of the sports and programs that they have.
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I value my life and education.
Food is awesome. The service is even better.
I have nothing to say about this.
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