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Memphis Academy of Health Sciences High School Reviews

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I really love Memphis Academy of Health Science high school; the amount of support is great and really convenient for us as students because we always have someone to turn to when times get difficult. On top of that, MAHS focuses on health studies which is very important to some students because someday they hope to start a career in the health sciences field. Overall MAHS is a great school and I highly recommend it to others.
My experience at MAHS was not the best. At first, it was a church, but the space was too small for a lot of students. The staff and students made some changes by reconstructing but it wasn't safe for the students. I will give credit to the school for taking the students on college tours, but the preparation wasn't good. I think the teachers act like they're professors like they'll still get paid if they actually taught them or not. The school needs improvement on education for the most part.
I have attended Memphis Academy of Health Sciences since the sixth grade, and I just recently graduated Valedictorian of the class of 2018. I feel this school has helped me to become the successful, determined, and outgoing person I am today. Attending this school I not only gained an education, but also gained a family and support system for the rest of my life.
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I love the school , its a cultural change for me being that I came from a school that was dominantly white. I was accepted with open arms upon arrival .I would love to see the school expand into a bigger building if at all possible. The food also could be alittle better .
My experience at MAHS has been a good experience that has develop my career to being. This school engages the student to be successful life. They prepare them to become the next generation of African American professionals to rule the world. They have a wide spared of learning. I like that this school is teaching their students about life itself as well.
Memphis academy of health sciences academics are very important to us teachers make the learning experience fun as possible.The principal has made the environment a safe environment for learning.
This school is great in areas of sport and education. They have prepared me, well are preparing me for college and I've grown because of it.
My high school wasnt the best when it came to academics or technology, which is why my guidance counselor encouraged every senior to apply for as many scholarships as we could.
The overall school experience was great! I got a lot of experience from the school, especially during my senior year.
MAHS has helped me be a better version of myself. At MAHS I feel free to be different and genuine. We are able to be ourselves. The only thing I would change about MAHS is the diversity.
only a hand full if that
It has a good education, but the building and scheduling of classes could be improved. Also, it would be nice to have more sports and clubs.
the teachers really care about the students
It fun but at time it will made you mad or sad.
Before registering for this school I heard nothing but great things. Come to find out, Close to none of them were true.
MAHS overall is an ok school. You shouldn't expect too much from it. You have to make friends and have fun with those friends. If you don't, it will most likely be lame and boring to you.
It's not that hard to pass
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Not a safe school to attend
We don't have that many clubs that stay around longer than a year
The majority of the teachers quit and we went multiple weeks without a teacher.
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