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Memorial Senior High School Reviews

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The most of the new teachers were inexperienced and did not provide the necessary tools. Also the senior guidance counselor was not available when students needed her the most. There should be classes that better prepare their students for the real world situations. The diversity of the school was great and very inclusive. The clubs and activities included arrange of different selections.
I enjoyed hanging out with my friends each day during classes. It helps ease stress placed on me knowing that they have my back. I wish the school would be more enforcing on the junkies in the bathrooms smoking it up.
It’s a really good school but not very diverse. The academics are very good and supposedly schools rank you a quarter higher if they know that you are from Memorial.
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I love that all the students here are kind to one another. I think this is rare in high schools nowadays, and I am proud of my school for this. Also, the teachers, guidance counselors, and the staff in general really push you to be the greatest you could be. They encourage me to be a better me than I was yesterday. However, I would like to see more sports teams. It would give more students a chance to participate in after school physical activities if they were given more choices.
Vice- principal slapped my butt and I had a rat in my soup, and I found two girls kissing in the bathroom
It’s a great school. Some teachers aren’t too good while some are. There isn’t a large selection of AP classes, but it’s good enough for most.
There is a great variety of extracurricular activities available for all students. Everyone has a chance to find something to fulfill their needs. I can tell that teachers as well as students are very devoted to their clubs. They create many opportunities so the after-school activities won't ever get boring. Teachers help their members organize different activities like field trips, fundraisers, school parties and much more. The level of commitment is very high and is driven by each student's motivation. Most of the student's ideas gets the administration support which is great, because with their support and help we can do much more.
My overall experience at this school has been great. I wouldn't have changed a single thing if I could. Teachers, who have always been there for their students and who have been always motivate kids to do their work and participate in extracurricular activities, are the most important. They are the ones who make this school unique and fun. All activities available for students helped bond with other students. Games, homecoming, prom, field trips wouldn't be the same without all those great people and teachers that I've met. Fun activities during classes were always exciting and made students learn a lot. If I could, I would definitely choose this school again and I'd be more than happy to relive all those happy moments all over again.
All teachers in Elmwood Park Memorial High School are friendly and very helpful. Each one of them goes above and beyond to help the student in need. Teachers create a lot of great opportunities for students to help them learn. Every single teacher tries his best to motivate students to participate in class and/or different clubs and organizations. Teachers try to create a safe and fun environment in school and also outside of school. Most of the teachers are available after school or even during the weekends to help students who need help with certain homework or project. Teachers in Elmwood Park Memorial High School are more like a family, because they always support and care for their students.
This school is very safe, we have practice lockdowns every month.
Most students do not take extra curricular activities serious.
Most of my math teachers were excellent and helped me outside of the classroom.
Not too many clubs and if there are they are underfunded
Not many parents involved in school activities
Many new teachers this year and many teachers quit. Some don't know what they are doing.
Most teachers don't even teach the subjects. More than half the time I find myself teaching the material on my own because the lesson in class wasn't even taught or wasn't taught properly. The teachers aren't approachable for the most part and not always cooperative or flexible. I am currently taking AP and honors classes of which the material and learning is intense. Since the teachers don't care enough to teach, it makes the school year even more arduous for me. Why should they get paid to do nothing while I basically do both the job of a teacher and student?
I feel the school is safe.
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Every teacher I had are great. They are always pushing me to work my hardest. My teachers are willing to go above and beyond for the students. They come in early or stay after school for extra help.
I feel that the academics offered are good. I always had great teachers that encouraged me to work hard for my grades and was always willing to stay after school for extra help.
The clubs and organizations are good.
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